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ACiD Trip is Blocktronic’s sixth pack and a tribute to the legendary ANSi group ACiD. It also features RaD MaN, ACiD Founder, as artpack organizer.

This pack was certainly one of the most awaited of the modern textmode scene with spectacular artworks, including the Blocktronics ACiD Trip megajoint, featured on THE VERGE, BOINGBOING, ACCLAIM Magazine, Geekologie and Laughing Squid.

Check it out…
Blocktronics textmode artpack "Space Invaders" released last week with over 100 files of art. Watch it on…
International Teletext art festival 2012

German ARD Text from 16th of August to 16th of September.
Finnish YLE teksti-tv from 8th March to 8th April.

Link to the webcast here:…
Participating in the International Teletext Art Festival ITAF, organised by FixC cooperative.

For more info about the event visit:
Blocktronic's new Artpack "Codename Chris Wirth" is now released to be watched at…

My submissions are uploaded here. Enjoy.
Listen to Brad Sucks new album Out of It.

CD artwork by me all in textmode trying to follow ansi restrictions. Had a quite hard time getting the msdos color palett print the way i remembered the colors on screen.
ok! i havn't been slacking actually during the last 7 or 8 months. actually i've made a throne out of teenage video-game nostalgia, too see it goto fresh moco… and place a fav there if you like it.

i'm also working with an ansi cd-cover for the canadian artist Brad Sucks. that will probally be published as a deviation in a month or two. stay tuned.
Four and a half year since last revival of bym ansi.

All thanks to the swedish summer weather i got time over to start up pablodraw and make some screens for the newly released Sadist artpack.

Artistically i am moving into a more sketchy style with vivid 16 textmode colours and square blocks.
Inspiration from drugs, computer games and disco music as soo many times before :) Enjoy!
  • Listening to: Disco
  • Playing: With blocks

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Put the worker barista on mcdonalds coffeemugs. Follow link and vote 27/2- 6/3…
I've uploaded some of my music on (search for bym) feel free to listen and pass me a comment.
Made somekind of buy and cut print versions of bym-303.ans and bym-lord.ans whould be really happy if someone whould support my hard work and buy some prints.  
Poffelipoff 25 - Ansi, Ascii, Ripscript artpack was launched november 17th. That means i got a bunch of new submissions. Watch, enjoy and comment! =)

Love you all!

Ps. The link for downloading poffelipoff 25:… ds.
Just to clear things up!

" ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. This federation is responsible for facilitating development of national and international standards. They play a role in standards of just about everything, from airline safety to zirconium storage -- but most importantly (to most of us any ways), terminal emulation!

If ANSI is involved with so many different standards, which one are we talking about? Institute-wise, we are referring to ANSI's Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure (ADCCP) X3.64-1979. But to the common computer user ANSi means just one thing: A textmode medium which consists of the standard IBM PC 256-character set, enhanced by 16 foreground colors, 8 background colors, and the ability to control and move the cursor. So, from here on, ANSI X3.64-1979 = "ANSi".

Through a device driver (ANSI.SYS), ANSi allowed PC users to take their plain old black and white communications software (Anyone remember the original CROSSTALK?) and breath into it a whole new life! 16 colors, 8 background colors, even cursor movement! What would they think of next? Through the ability to control the cursor, one could achieve the illusion of animation on the screen.

ANSi artists are by far some of the most creative and resourceful individuals in the entire 'scene. "ANSiMations", or ANSi-Movies were popular in the late 80's and early 90's. These comic-like scenes dashed across the screen with only 256 characters and 16 colors on 1200 and 2400 baud modems. Although it's original usefulness as a standard terminal emulation for Bulletin Board Systems and remote system access has just about diminished, its popularity as an artform continues to live on. Almost all ANSI today is restricted to the artpacks that have been so dearly collected for you on this site.

Since ANSi is made up of complicated escape sequences, special editors have been created over the years that offer some truly incredible features. Ian Davis' TheDraw(tm) was the pioneer of all ANSi editors, and it's still used today for its powerful animation tools. However, more advanced editors such as ACiD Productions' ACiD Draw(tm) and Sector Logic's ArtWorx(tm) have been developed.

Today, ANSi art has evolved to the point where it's no longer practical to simply rely on your terminal to display them for you. Many different viewers have been been developed that offer features such as smooth scrolling, high-resolution vga mode viewing, and slide show options. Some of the most widely used today are ACiD View, iCEView, and DarkView."

text ripped from:…
Once again i'm lost in the fields of ansi artwork. Now i submitted convertions of my spring and summer work. 2 clusters of ansiscreens for piranha's LORD telnet doorgame. And two menus for the Piranha Board.

And last but not least two pics that i'm really satisfied with. One smallscale for sector 7 and one bomberman picture which i consider to be my one of my top ansi artwork of all time.

Stay tuned for more.
Gallery update with some co-op work with other textmode artists from 1998 and 1999.
Added some more of my old stuff mostly from 1999 and 2000.
Revived on the Ansitrack after two years of silence! Le Car rocks!