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Infernous ( @RedTailInfy  )came to my booth at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014, and asked if I could replace his spreader bar cuffs. I accepted the project, and originally had it as 1.5 inch wide buckle straps and a 2 inch wide pad. This would not be ideal, though, for the bar plates are 1.75 wide. Trouble with that was I did not have any keeper loops over 1.5 inches. So I contacted my second tier supplier (the selection is bigger but prices higher), and found 2 inch keepers available.

This permitted the use of 1.75 inch buckles, and then those outermost straps perfectly lined up with the plates. You will note on the old straps, that the fur has a gap on the settings above "smallest". The 4 are all the same length, making them a bit too small for larger ankles. Also, there are no buckles on the originals, and the rivets are exposed in polyester fur. The upgrade is all natural materials: cowhide latigo, buffalo pads, and black 5/8 pile sheep wool, hair on hide. All the rivets are concealed beneath the sheepskin, and barge adhesive used to bond them permanently. 9oz chrome tanned latigo use for the buckle starps - no stretching, ultra strong.

The hardest part was riveting the ankle cuffs, because the bar interfered with my hand press. Fortunately for me, my foot press accepts the rivet dies, and has a lot more clearance around the holder for the die. It was tricky, but I got them all to press without side-bending.

Now if I can just get Infernous to shoot a video of this thing in action, I'll be super happy :)

For the record: I do no metal fabrication. This bar set came to me for work to be done ON it, but I did not MAKE it. I found a source for these bar sets with cheap cuffs on board. I bought a few and now this is a regular catalog item for Lagarto Custom Leather.…
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June 24, 2014
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