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2 Lizards in a Bar
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Back in 2009, my Hyper and I came up with an idea to do a graphic novel, titled "K9 Unit". This was based upon some little lapel pins I was selling at the time. In fact, those were Chinese goods that had it MIS-SPELLED K9 UNTI.

I had Rukis do the cover for me (see it here:… ), and we were to do the project together. I was shooting photos that would be used for the basis of backgrounds - art over the photos, but essentially the photos were it. Then my finances imploded, we moved from the Netherlands back to the USA (Colorado, Denver metro to be specific), Rukis moved on to do her own projects, and the novel has been sitting in digital oblivion ever since. That is, until NOW!

I had an idea for a couple of comics. NunChuck and a little bar scene. I thought the ideas were so cute, I had :iconcoyox: Coyox make some sketches for me. I then decided this "2 Lizards in a Bar" comic could be an example of the process for the "K9 Unit" project. This time, instead of art over photos, the photos would be carefully shot and be used AS the backgrounds entirely.

What you see here is a test of that process. I am very pleased with the results, and now we are to embark upon the graphic novel. K9 Unit rides again.

We've rough outlined the entire first book, storyboarded the first page, and plan this as a multi-volume 50 page per book project. To make it work, we will be collecting donations via Patreon. I need to cover some artistic expenses so I do not go fully out of pocket with the project. More details on that and everything else will be coming after I have completed Midwest FurFest. I'll be posting some teaser pics and expect page 1 to be online within 6 weeks or less.

Enjoy this little silly comic. The lizards are all in the buff, because I wanted to see skin, but not go adult. K9 Unit will be quite blue. If you like the style, stay tuned. If you have any comments about the process, feel free to post them here.

Here's the rundown of talent we have for K9 Unit:
Hyper is writing the story outline and fleshing out the characters
Lagarto is taking ALL the photographs to be used for backgrounds, and assisting with the story arc, and writing dialog.
Coyox (DC Waud, ) is tackling the line art, inserting characters into my photographic backgrounds. He'll also be adding props and digital elements like vehicles, fire/smoke, weaponry, etc.
CannedTalent ( ) is coloring the line art with the simple cell-shaded style you see here in the Lizards test comic.

This lizard comic was conceived, photographed , and laid out by Lagarto. Coyox did the finished line work, and CannedTalent colored. I took reference pics for the tegu of Pim, my Columbian, and the iguana is one I met at Rainfurrest. The bar is "Alamo Drafthouse and Theater" in Littleton, Colorado. They have 40 beers on tap! The bloody mary on the bar was one I ordered to use as a prop. The iguana has a martini in a glass that is hard for theater patrons to break. They don't use stem wear martini glasses. Had I known, I would have brought my own to use as a prop :)~
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