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Historically accurate Disney - Rapunzel



When it comes to a historical setting, Tangled is all over the place. The guards are dressed in Napoleon-era military uniforms (early 1800's), Flynn Rider is wearing a 1500's style doublet, Mother Gothel is wearing clothing of the 1200's, Rapunzel's parents wear Tudor-era (ie British) clothing of the 1540's, the thugs at the bar wear vaguely Bronze age clothing, the background characters wear what looks like hippie clothing from the 1970's, and Rapunzel herself wears a typical Ye Olde Generic Renaissance dress. On top of that, the entire soundtrack save for the kingdom dance is just Disney channel pop, and the kingdom releases Chinese lanterns, of all things. In short, Tangled doesn't care.
So, I took it upon myself to find a historical setting suitable for Tangled because a lot of people have been requesting it. I've seen other historical Disney artists portray Tangled as being anything from the 1700's to 1820's, but personally the setting always gave me more of a Baroque vibe. The slashed sleeves and front-laced dress were staples of the 1600's, though they were also fairly common in the 1500's. I could've set it in the 1500's, but given that I'm already going to set Snow White in the 1500's, I saw this as a chance to finally draw some Baroque clothing.
I've put Tangled specifically in Bavaria in Germany in the 1620's. I went with the 1620's because that's when the ridiculous collars were going out of fashion, but before the off-the-shoulder neckline of the 1630's was the norm, as Rapunzel's original dress covers her shoulders. Mother Gothel will still be dressed in 1200's clothing, as she is supposed to be extremely old because of the magic flower.

This picture is based on this painting by Caspar Netscher:…
The hair, clothing and background were all drawn by me from scratch, and her face was modified from the old painting to look as much like Rapunzel as possible.
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Blooming brilliant!! Love how you recreated the style !!