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Historically accurate Disney - Elsa



This is a photoshop of the painting of Queen Victoria's coronation and another portrait of Queen Victoria, though most of this picture was drawn completely from scratch, such as their clothes and the background. Their faces and hairstyles are mostly from old paintings and not drawn by me, but I did photoshop them to look as much like Elsa and Anna as possible.
Elsa is based on Queen Victoria's coronation portrait by George Hayter from 1838:…
Anna is based on a portrait of Queen Victoria by John Partridge from 1840:…

Norway didn't actually have their own royal family in the 1800's as they were in a forced union with Sweden at the time, so the Swedish royal family was Norway's royal family, and they didn't get their own until the union split in 1905.
Finding Frozen's historical setting was very easy, as the film makers have said at many times that the movie is set in the 1840's and that most of the movie's influences came from Norway. The time is further narrowed down by the short film Frozen Fever, which shows a map with the date 1840 written on it, which means the first movie was most likely set in 1839. The Norwegian influences can be easily seen, as the landscape is a very classic Norwegian fjord with forest covered mountains with snowy peaks. The culture is very Norwegian, with references to lutefisk and of course the trolls, as well as several Norwegian landmarks such as stave churches, Viking ships, Bryggen in Bergen, and Akershus fortress. The maypole seen early in the film confuses things a bit, as maypoles are a Swedish tradition, but a small inaccuracy is to be expected in a film not made by people from the region. The people also wear Norway's national costume, the bunad, and pretty much every building is decorated with Norwegian rosemaling, which is a traditional painting technique used by farmers in Norway in the 1600's and later. Here's an example of rosemaling:…

Now, Elsa and Anna's costumes are very inaccurate for royals, as their costumes are clearly more based on the bunads, which were farmer's clothing and not something city folk would wear, especially not the royal family. That being said, the embroidery isn't that inaccurate, as court dresses of the 1840's had embroidery that was relatively similar to bunad embroidery, as both forms of embroidery were evolved from Baroque and Rococo art from the 1600's and 1700's.
Elsa's coronation crown was way too flimsy to be a real coronation crown, looking more like some cheap tiara you'd wear to prom than anything used for ceremonial purposes. Luckily, Norway's coronation regalia has existed since the 1820's, so I just used the real-world Norwegian regalia for her. Here's a picture of King Haakon wearing the same regalia in 1906:…
Anna is wearing a sash of the Order of Saint Olav, which was actually first made in 1847 which is after 1839, but screw it, it's close enough and the only Norwegian order that is old enough to be used and be appropriate for a royal.
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