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Historically accurate Disney - Belle



The animated Beauty and the Beast made sort of a half-assed attempt at the 1700's, with 1700's style coats, tricorne hats, male ponytails, and tall cuffed boots. Belle's peasant dress looks mostly like something out of the 1940's, and her ball gown looks more like an 1850's ball gown. The Beauty and the Beast story the movie is based on is a fairytale from 1740, and since nobody in the movie wear the more extravagant fashions of the later 1700's and given that the royal family was executed in the 1790's, early Rococo 1740 seems very appropriate.
The neckline is pretty unconventional and probably not entirely accurate, I'll admit, but I felt like the neckline is probably the most recognisable thing on the original dress, so it didn't feel right to remove it. Also there were dresses with this neckline from the start of the 1700's, so it's not entirely impossible that it's an old dress that has been modified to fit the changing fashions, as was often done in the old days, though not usually by royals.
The rose she's holding is a gallica rose, on request from a commenter pointing out that the common roses we have these days didn't exist in the 1740's.

This picture is based on the portrait of Marie Kunigunde of Saxony by Pietro Rotari from 1755:… The dress, background, rose and hairstyle was drawn from scratch by me, and her face was photoshopped to make it look as much like Belle as possible.
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These look great, please try to add more when you can