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Character  Space (OC)
hey guys I'm still selling/reselling more characters!: 

Auction | PayPal Only! (USD)

SB: $10 usd
MI: $2 usd
AB: $200 usd

Owner: Ghostgirl19
-Please do not delete or withdraw offers
-Payment must be sent within 24 hours
-I don't accept holds/payment plans
-You can change the design as you want
-credit me for the art and design
-no refunds

Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid
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For some reason I'm getting Undertale vibes from this guy 🤔🤔

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I don't play both games (Undertale/Hollow Knight) But I'd like to see which character is similar to this design :oc

Btw my designs are inspired by deemo artworks<3 I always recommend that game

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Hollow Knight Boss? Hollow Knight Boss, this bab gives me Hollow Knight vibes. Saw him in the feed while I was scrolling and just dropped a watch so I can see what more you post later on.

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could you add me to the ping list please ^_^

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I don't think it pinged me QoQ DeviantArt why u gotta be like this </3

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Hey can you add me too

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I would like to be added too!

just incase i dont win this auction may i be added to the list of pings? i absolutely love your designs

YeH these are cool can you add me too?

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Could I be added as well?

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Bid here:

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