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Hello! I just came across you art and I plan to make videos that talk about depression, and I find it really good. Do you give me your permission to use it?

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Like a young Snape.
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ok! reminded me of that emo-driven crap from dome years ago when it was everywhere.
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You must be fun at parties.
Now, please, leave.
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Actually, I am. Because of my good looks and my vivid humor. Although overly sensitive souls tend to fear me! Breath easy and don't cry! And man up for fuck's sake - worse things happen at sea :) !
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Do not use the phrase "man up" because it annoys the shit out of me.
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I'll use any term I like. And I do not care if it annoys you or anyone. And yes - for Heaven's sake - yes, I leave. So your heart stops bleeding, douche!
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wow this is a great piece!
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Y-you know how much I love your drawings..
And this is sooooo beautiful! I don't what else to say..
May I ask what kind of colours you used for the blood? Watercolours?
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You should just say it's crap or something similar :XD: No, but really thank you, I'm glad you like it. I was a bit insecure about this drawing, I felt like i shouldn't show it here and just leave it to myself. I'm really happy that some people like it.
Yep, I used black and red watercolour and painted it with a toothbrush :)
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Oh, will you shut it? Crap, pfft, funny. x)
It's a bit different, but awesome anyway!
Has a specific expression - I love it.
Thanks! Wait, with a toothbrush? oO
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Woow ! Very strong work !!
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bae, carry on with this, it's effin amazing! I think this style of surrealism suits you and macabre
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haha, I'll try to draw more from my imagination, thanks!
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Kolorystyka jest wyśmienita.

Szkoda, że zacieki mielą Ci kartkę - w miniaturze nie było to dostrzegalne - może zabaw się z grubszą gramaturą? Szkoda marnować tak genialne efekty przez cienką, mielącą się powierzchnię.

Zazwyczaj symbolika w tego typu pracach średnio mi się podoba, ale ta praca jest świetna. Zdecydowanie będzie jedną z najlepszych robionych przez Ciebie, według mojej oceny. Ląduje w ulubionych. Czymasz poziom. :)
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