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Yes, I am stuck in space...SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! D=

Nah not's just an awesome song by Muse

It's been awhile since I last updated my journal, so I thought I should update it to show you all I'm still alive XD

There has been a lack of activity on my dA page, but I'm trying to change that, I am currently in progresof drawing a pic, just gotta get round to finsihing it XD. I am also in the process of doing my own Star Ocean fanfic, based on The Last Hope, which I might upload onto here, I don't know though cos the last story I put up here didn't really get anything, so I might not put it on here

So what's been going on with mah life?

As always I'm playing lots of games XD. Completed DragonAge 2 now and I really want a third one just from the way it ended. It was a really good game, much better than the first one and that was a great game too. I wanna cosplat Anders from it as he is awesome. I am also spamming the fudge out of FIFA 11 and F1 2010 before their new ones come out ad purchase them XD, gotta get as much out og them as possible before they are put on the shelf....or taken to CEX XD. I am also playing Final Fantasy V as well, which I really like. I really love Bartz Klauser and I think he is awesome, already wantng to do an FFV cosplay group now XD.

Well all I can say is....THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS BACK!!!! hasn't been that great. As you know I am a very big Arsenal fan and well...we haven't got off to the best of starts. After 5 games we are 17th and only won 1 game and have 4 points, so not the best of starts for us, but there is a long way to go and we'll be back, we have Shrewsbury tonight in the Carling Cup so we should win and go though =D

I went to the sunday of Reading Festival and it was awesome. I pretty much spent the whole day with Matt and had lolz. I had to endure a lot of crap this day XD. It was all worth it though as Muse were fudging amazing, videos can be seen on my Youtube channel, and I was just speechless after, they took my breath away...literally.

Currently watching Seikon no Qwaser II and well...not much I can really say about it to be honest, the first series was better as there was more of a story and it wasn't overcooked with....well...let's just leave it at that. I also watched Star Diverand Birdy The Mighty Decode and thought they were both awesome animes and recommend both of them. I also have animes to watch after I'm done with Seikon no Qwaser, such as Sekirei and others which I haven't though of yet XD

Right, the main bulk of this journal XD. Yes, I am currently working on cosplays for October Expo. I'm not doing Shin anymore and am replacing him with Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII, the voice actor of Lightning is gonna be there so why not, plus this gives me a more time to work on my other cosplays. Hisagi is almost finished, just gotta make the top and style my wig and also get new Bleach shoes, which I have needed for ages now XD. The main cosplay though is Edge Maverick. This cosplay should almost be ready, but that just isn't my style is it XD. I have the materials, just haven't begun making it yet, I will be working hard on it during this next month to get it done, so don't worry, it WILL be done =D

So yeah, that is all really, hope you all are alright

Keep on teh rocking peeps m/

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