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Yeah the seasons in this country are pretty fudged up actually....XD

As much as that is true, it's actually the title of an awesome DragonForce song from their new album

So yeah, been a while hasn't it? I mean I don't normally do journals but I'm like bored at well...seems like a perfect time doesn't it? XD

So what is up with me right now? Well I have a job, currently working at Sainsbury's, and I am enjoying it ^__^

I am also still gaming and getting my cosplays ready for October Expo, one of which is gonna kill the fudge out of me XD

My planned cosplays for October are as follows

Takashi Komuro - H.O.T.D
Zidane Tribal - Final Fantasy IX (Dissidia Version)
Diablos - Final Fantasy VIII

Yep, I am cosplaying a GF this time in what will be my most adventurous cosplay to date...well until May anyway XD

Currently my cosplays are coming along fine, need a few bits for Takashi and he is complete. Buying my wig and fabric for Zidane in one fell swoop and I have my zentai suit for Diablos and will be getting the rest of it soon

So yeah cosplays are all in motion and tbh, I can't wait to be Diablos...although if anyone breaks my wings...HELL HATH NO FURY!!! ^__^, Gravity Ball will be inserted into faces XD

Errr...not got much else to say really, this is just a general update tbh, although I did recently buy Lollipop Chainsaw and Devil May Cry HD Collection...and am having lots of fun with them both

All I am saying out for some VERY adventurous cosplays in the near future...and who said they were male? ^__^

Anyway peeps, that's the end of this journal

Keep on rocking y'all \m/
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