Force Your Way...DISSIDIA STYLE!!!!!

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Yes, cos that's how ya do it...=D

Yeah I know I have already done a journal title with this name, ages ago....if you can cba to actually go and look XD, but I'm using it again...with a little extra added.

The reason for this is that Force Your Way, the Final Fantasy VIII boss battle theme, is on the Dissidia 012 soundtrack..and they remixed it...and...THEY MADE IT THAT MUCH MORE GODLY!!! Its amazing...and well...desvered a to be the name of this journal...=D

So yeah, Expo has been a gone...yeah a week late with posting this up...but oh well...XD

Expo was good, as always. We had some epic lolz and many good times. I also bought a lot of stuff at expo, but less than usual, had quite a bit less this expo than usual, but enough to kep me going. I was there from Friday to Monday and loved every minute of it, even when I was ill, can't wait for October already, got my cosplays planned and will be starting one in particular

I miss my peeps already from expo, I always love hanging around with them for these expo weekends as we don't get to do it often and it's such a good way of letting everything go and having some fun with all those people you love and are close with...that's why I love Expo onto what I bought =D

I bought 3 different animes at Expo and they were Sengoku Basara, absolutely love it, Daphne and the Brilliant Blue, can't wait to watch that and Rozen Maiden, another I can't wait to watch. Also bought some manga as always Negima 29, which I've been wanting for AAAGGGEESSS, Pandora Hearts 1, another I've been wanting and Battle Vixens 12 and 15.....yeah...random much XD. Yes I did buy a quite a bit of Final Fantasy stuff, surprise much eh? D, I bought the set of Final Fantasy trading arts figures which included Sazh, Serah, Lightning and Hope, the Final Fantasy IX OST, well Aimee bought that for me, and the steal of the weekend, I bought the Dissidia 012 OST Limited Edition for 35 quid....yes....35 quid...WHAT A BARGAIN!!!! Also it's such an awesome sountrack, they have remixed some of the original themes and made them even better...and not messed them up like sometimes remixs do. Also bought some Fairy Tail charms, I got Natsu of course =D

So yeah, I had a fun weekend and yes I did have my fair share of Number 19 meals yeah....ROLL ON OCTOBER!!! =D

So that brings me to other news...XD...that is non-expo related XD

I am now addicted to Dissdia Final Fantasy. The day aftr Expo, and I mean....literally...I found myself buying both Dissdia games for the PSP and Final Fantasy I...and I am now addicted to playing the first Dissdia....and my fave chracter is Zidane...=D.....followed by the Warrior Of Light....I absolutely love the game and whoever told me the game was crap needs to be slapped across the face...

Am also playing DragonAge: Origins finally. It's a good game, but it has a lot of things that I don't like in it....sounds like Final Fantasy XIII eh? XD

Oh and talking about Final XIII-2...supposedly Serah is a playable character....SNOW BETTER BE PLAYABLE!!!! >__<

So yeah, that's all from me...

Keep on teh rocking peepe m/
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D: FUCK OFF SERAH!!! I don't want to play as her TT__TT lol
I know what you mean about DragonAge...But it's so much fun at times~ Plot is awesome o.0
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You would know the best :3
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Yes...yes I would...and you're playing FFX now...I have decided...XD
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o.0're the boss?
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I'd prefer to call it the "Final Fantasy Master" =D
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Fine fine, have it your way XD
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