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Yes I am dancing all over the place...madly...HAHAHAHAHA

Nah not really, it's just a theme from Final Fantasy VI, my current obssession

Yes here I am with another journal update from the world of me XD. Been a while since I did one so I thght why not?

Yes I am aware of the lack of activity going on with my page, that will be sorted soon-ish....when I can be bothered to start drawing again and such, plus I rarely take pics of my cosplays...so I don't really have any

So how have I been? I've been alright, nothing much is happening with me right now, just trying to sort out my next cosplays and such, so yeah the typical shiz XD


Been playing a lot of games lately. Recently completed Assassin's Creed Revelations and got mind fudged by the ending as those games always do XD, also completed Dungeon Siege III which was a game I throughly enjoyed. Currently playing F1 2011, which is so damn good. They've made the game so realistic it's almost like the real thing and I love it. I'm also going hrough Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, not a big fan of the game, but it's not bad, will most probably get Sky rim when I complete Oblivion. I'm also going through Magna Carta II again as I love that game and am still playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope as that is just a really amazing game that I love to pieces. Away from the XBOX, yes that is actually possible for me XD, I'm still playing Dissidia 012 and have begun to play Final Fantasy IV on the PSP and I love it. Keeping with the Final Fantasy theme, I'm also playing Final Fantasy VI, which I love.


Things are definitely looking better for Arsenal now. When I last did a journal we were 17th with only 4 points, well now we are 7th and on an unbeaten run in the premiership, so eventhough Man City knocked us out of the Carling Cup, eventhough we were better than them, things are loking much better for us =D


Watched a few animes over the past month. Finished watching My-Hime, which is a very good series, Highschool Of The Dead, another brilliant series, and XAM'D, I haven't finished it yet but the first series I watched was awesome. Currently watching an anime called Shukufuku no Campanella and it's an awesome series, not the typical anime I'd watch, but I do love it. Still got so many to watch XD


Getting through the planning stages of my 3 cosplays for Expo. Edited the shin pads for Edge and bought some fabric for my secret Dissidia cosplay, which I have also got the wig for now. Ky is just a matter of getting the money to buy it. I now have more cosplay plans due to my Final Fantasy obssession right now. I'm planning on making a Final Fantasy IV and VI group and I am planning to cosplay Paladin Cecil Harvey from IV and Locke Cole from VI, so yeah...may be planning Locke for May 2013, but we'll see

So yeah that is all, I hope you are well and good

Keep on rocking peeps \m/

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You update your journal way more than often than me. I'm surprised I haven't got messages like, "You dead bro?" n___n''
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That's cos you be lazy XD
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At least I put art up ;__;
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