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Kazuki Muto 5200 Page Views

Picture drawn for 5,200 Page Views strring Kazuki Muto from Buso Renkin

I drew this picture at 12:30AM so if there's anything wrong with it that's why XD

Well I am actually pretty plesed with it lol. I kept it a pencil drawing cos for some reason it looks better like that, so I may do pencil drawings from now on...but I may pen the pics in again later but for now it's pencil drawings lol

Reason for drwing Kazuki? Well he is awesome and I wanna cosplay him and I I love Buso is EPIC!!! So yeah

I am majorly behind with this pics XD, so bear with me...I have 5 more page view pics to do XD

Thanks for the page views ^__^
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You complain too much,lol, it's good enough for THAT time XD
And congrats lol. (back to this now?)
Byakuya-Lee1's avatar
Thanks ^__^
Well yeah for now as I need to catch up...XD
And I do not moan...XD
f-flourite's avatar
You're welcome ^-^
Leave that for when you're bored XD
And you do to, when it comes to your drawing, people would kill D:
Byakuya-Lee1's avatar
I'm always bored XD
They would? Why? XD
f-flourite's avatar
I know a way to get rid of that boredom...Is one in?
Cos you're goo-ood, and there are some that FAIL at stickmen.
Byakuya-Lee1's avatar
And that is by? XD
Well...I'm not that good...XD
f-flourite's avatar
Oh shu'up. You just are.
Byakuya-Lee1's avatar
You love your paint XD
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Awesomes! Congrats ^.^
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