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Hair Step by Step

Eh, is it clear/good enough to be considered a tutorial? You tell me. I used an old lineart because doing her hair is fun...don't shoot me.

If you want to practice using that ugly lineart then by all means, go ahead! But please don't claim it as yours and we're all good, ok? C:

Anyways, people ask me a lot about how I do hair, and here it is. I hope you like it ;-;

I am NOT in any way saying this is the best/only/more useful way to do hair, but it's my process. 
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Thankyou so much!! It helped me! 
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You saved my life,thanks a lot for your wonderful tutorial =')
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What does clipping in this case mean? 
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Thanks! This helped me out a lot! Out of curiosity, do you plan on making more tutorials?
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If I have time in the future, yes~ This is a very outdated tutorial, I'm relieved people are still finding it helpful even though I do a different method nowadays! ;7;
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Thanks for this useful tutorial, I've learned a lot from it
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Maybe I'm just having a hard time tonight, but it's not all that clear for me. To show your brush settings would help greatly, cause mine are different and don't do the same blurring effects etc. But looks good
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This is awesome!
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Gracias Por el Tutorial :3
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Thanks so much for this tutorial!
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Ah of course! I plan to update it one day since my style has changed considerably ;0; when I have time, maybe..
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I'd love to see it. Love 
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wonderful tutorial :D
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Helped me SO much! Thanks! :)
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Finally something that is easy to understand and produces good results!
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-Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
- I did good?
- you did very good, very good indeed.
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So this way is how is made the H shape!!! I need to try this e_e
I'm a non-clean-lineart specialist too, and seeing how good looking your final image is, that give me some hope! TvT9
Thank you so much!
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thanks, this is super easy and helpful!
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Love brown hair.
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Does this work for all programs?
I use FireAlpaca, and I really wanna try this ^^
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This was made for SAI, but I suppose it could work with FA if you adjust your settings similarly, although I do not know of FA's tools ;u;
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