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I think this is the first time in this comic anyone has ever said Caitlin knows what she's doing. There's a darn good chance it'll be the last time, too.

2020 was just the worst... I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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Ah missed you! It's great to see your work again. 2020 was super-tough!

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Thank you! 2020 was VERY tough. I have no desire to live through it again, personally... Hopefully 2021 will be a bit easier!

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Welcome back, my dear friend! I was worried about you and hoping you would return sometime to brighten our day with the comics.

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Hey! Sorry for the wait. These last few years have been really challenging. It seems every time I start to get back in my groove, something throws it off. Hopefully 2021 will be kinder. :)

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No apologies needed. I am simply relieved. I have had my share of nasties the last few years, but also some upsides, and I am trying to make the latter kick the former's butt.

Coincidentally, I was talking about you this morning, discussing the time you allowed me to use that awesome Icelandic Christmas scene on my girlfriend's card.