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The comic hasn't spent a lot of time talking about this, but control and manipulation (especially emotional manipulation) are very common components of domestic violence. What Javiera is experiencing with Marco is common in abusive relationships.

HAVE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW BEEN A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OR ABUSE? Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. There are plenty of people and organizations willing to help, and there's no shame in reaching out to them.

For more statistics and facts visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline webpage and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page on domestic violence.

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It's good to see this in a comic, so that a person can recognize the signs.
I'd love to set Fred on Marco.
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And since he's not a billionaire like Mr. Grey, he will not get away with this controlling behavior!
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This is true! 

And also, ewwwww.... :doh:
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I should print this and show it to a few people.

You're offering great insight.