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It's no fun unless you get a cool scar.

Actually, fun story: Years ago, shortly after I started the story line of IJWH, I began asking myself questions about my characters. What were their likes, their dislikes, their hobbies... For some reason, Javiera stood out to me as a rock climber. I'd never been rock climbing and couldn't put my finger on why that seemed to fit her, but it did. A little over 4 years ago, once I realized her climbing was going to become part of the storyline, I decided to go to a gym and see what climbing was like. I walked in with the intent of getting a feel for what kind of people like to rock climb, what that subculture was like, and so forth.

I was surprised to find not only did I have a knack for it, but I thoroughly enjoyed climbing myself! Each climb is like a puzzle to me, and I thrive on puzzles, on anything that needs solving. I got really into it really fast, signed up for a gym membership after two tries, and have been going (mostly) consistently ever since! It's always fun to tell people when they ask me, "How did you get into rock climbing?" to tell them "Oh, you know, I was doing research for a comic."

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New comic! Yay!
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Hey, hello again! Sorry I raised the idea of doing the card and then crashed instead. Our move remains a string of disasters. The latest: the light over our garage is in pieces, and one of the glass panels is set to fall on us any day now. The landlady's response? "Okay, remove it then."
Sigh. I am still settling, but making progress, and I will make an effort to draft one well in advance.
Meanwhile, I hope life is treating you better!
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Hey there! No worries! I figured something must have happened. I myself moved last month; I bought a house, and the previous owner did a terrible job of maintaining it. I've spent the better part of the last month cleaning and repairing things... So I feel your pain with the whole "difficult move" situation! Tell your landlady to get on it, she can't let things fall apart like that!

We'll definitely have to get back on the card thing this year! =)