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I haven't updated this or uploaded anything in a while. 2017 was an absolutely miserable year for me, but 2018 is looking like it might be a bit better. 

I don't like talking about my personal business to the internet (or most people in real life, truth be told; I'm a very private person). What I do feel comfortable saying about this extended break is this: A lot of things went wrong for me in 2017. I've always had struggles with mental health, and 2017 and the first couple months of 2018 have been especially challenging for me. Unfortunately these things don't work on a timetable, like a sprained ankle might. 

The good news is, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I've gotten help and I'm taking care of myself. I'm getting my creative writing/drawing mojo back. I'm doing what I need to do, but getting back into the grind I had before while maintaining my full-time job is anything but easy. I'm not yet in a position to commit to my old schedule, but I can assure everyone I'm feeling a little better each day. Most importantly, the one thing I've been missing for the past year-- the DRIVE to draw and write-- is, shall we say, "waking up" again. Not the bright, perky OKAYI'MAWAKENOW you'd expect from a little kid... more like the "Do I haaaavvveee to?" groan of a moody teenager. So, we're getting there. 

If you're reading this... thank you for your patience. And for not abandoning my silly comics. I promise someday soon things will get back to where they need to be.



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Caitlin Baner
United States
Not a whole lot to tell about myself... I'm a cartoonist, I have two comic strips called "I Just Work Here" and "Just Caitlin" floating around on the internet. I prefer traditional media (pen and ink mostly), but am working hard on my Photoshop Skillz. Or lack thereof. I like to read all kinds of comics, from graphic novels to manga to comic strips, and I'll read any book I can get my hands on as well. I'm also a hardcore sports fan and recreational soccer player.

PLEASE NOTE: All artwork posted on my page is Copyright Caitlin Baner, all rights reserved. The only exceptions are the Fanart pieces; those are Copyright to the respective creators, and have been acknowledged in the descriptions.


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mushisan Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Xmas!! Feliz Natal!! by mushisan
byakurai1313 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you too!
mushisan Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Happy New Year!! Feliz Ano Novo!! by mushisan
byakurai1313 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
Happy New Year to you as well!!! 8D
niloc1 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
How have ya been doing it's been awhile
byakurai1313 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
Hey! I'm doing pretty good, how 'bout yourself?
niloc1 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
Pretty good as well
Kafelnikov Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Happy birthday, by the way. I hope you had a great one.
byakurai1313 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Thanks! It was a really great birthday, actually... but now I am old. :/
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Normally I don't self-advertise, but.

:iconstorytellers-area:  (which has an awesome icon courtesy of Jessica-Rae-3) is a group I run.

I just wanted you to know because I decided to open a couple of contests, if you're interested in that sorta thing.  And I like your comic.  :blushes:

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