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Project NEON - Services

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I wanted to give some love to legacy software, so here it is.

Details for this mock-up:
- Moved most toolbar buttons to the Service Hub (like the Edge's Hub)
- Service's tabs are for non-local services (if you add a new tab).
- Properties button moved to upper left (like my Explorer redesign)
- Share button replaces the 'Export List' button on the toolbar
- Background image available on Google Earth View

P.S.: Tell me if you want to see the Services Hub and/or the Properties window!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments! :) (Smile)

EDIT (5/14/17)
- Context menu redesign to match Fluent Design
- Blurred details pane for more Acrylic goodness
- Minor UI changes
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Services App are part of MMC ( Microsoft Management Console) and therefore cannot be a UWP program for the time being, but nevertheless, Win32 programs can still use a modern look. But I'm still not sure if this can be done technically.

Windows 10 now enables you to use UWP controls in non-UWP desktop applications so to go to you can feel, feel, and functionality of your existing desktop applications with the latest Windows 10 UI features right only only only available via UW P controls. This is the you you can use UWP features such as Windows Ink and controls the support support the Fluent Design System in your ex Isting WPF, Windows Forms, and C? Win32 applications. This developer scenario is ss called XAML islands.

Announced at Build 2018 the keynote:

XAML Islands Demo:

The All-PerI Fluent Design sBuild 2018 playlist:


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The dividers are not just that simple, it becomes visible and glows when hovered by mouse.
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Dividers between what? If you're talking about the 'name, status', etc. I made it similar to my Explorer concept. It's to make it look minimal and uncluttered.
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I was talking about the menu not the "name, status" one
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I'm sorry, what menu?
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needs a more areo look to be honest
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Have a look at my latest edit for this concept :)
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About that, I became picky about the UI look. I was going for blurring the entire Services list, but that ended up looking as if the list are just tabs to another set of options. It is true that it's like that, but the options are just starting and stopping or restarting the service. I also experimented on blurring the description pane, but that ended up in an odd design language (tinted blur looks weird), so there's that.
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