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UMVC3 Team Wallpapers: Ryu, Spider-Man, Strider



These are custom made wallpapers featuring my personal teams (most likely) from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 using found abstract wallpapers.

Finally, number 1! "Team Spider-HiRyu" My original MVC2 team. Back then, they really worked well together and based on what I've seen, that won't change. I enjoyed Spidey and Ryu in MVC3 but with all the buffs they get, it will be even more fun. I think Strider and Ryu could be good mentors to each other, Strider teaching speed and Ryu teaching focus or something. Spidey could look up to both of them but at the same time wants to prove he can still hang with them. I won't be able to play the game for a week or two but I will eventually :) Enjoy this last team wallpaper!

Team 1 - You are here!
Team 2 - Dante, Zero, X-23 [link]
Team 3 - Chun-Li, Chris, Captain America [link]
Team 4 - Crimson Viper, Trish, Felicia [link]
Team 5 - Deadpool, Viewtiful Joe, Hsien-Ko [link]
Team 6 - Nemesis, Doctor Doom, Sentinel [link]
Team 7 - Hawkeye, Nova, Iron Fist [link]
Team 8 - Wesker, Akuma, Dormammu [link]
Team 9 - Amaterasu, Tron Bonne, Taskmaster [link]
Team 10 - Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, Hulk [link]
Team 11 - Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Super Skrull [link]
Team 12 - Iron Man, Morrigan, Phoenix [link]
Team 13 - Jill and Shuma Gorath [link]
Team 14 - Vergil, Magneto, Firebrand [link]
Team 15 - Frank West, Haggar, Wolverine [link]
Team 16 - She-Hulk, Storm, Spencer [link]
Team 17 - Arthur, Thor, MODOK [link]

This is just made to look pretty, nothing is here to rip off either company's money.
(c) of Capcom Characters goes to Capcom
(c) of Marvel Characters goes to Marvel
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Ryu: Avengers Assemble, HADOUKEN!