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UMVC3 Team Wallpaper: Iron Man, Morrigan, Phoenix



These are custom made wallpapers featuring my personal teams (most likely) from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 using found abstract wallpapers.

I've had some ups and downs with this team. At first, it was the only team I could win online with...well because DARK PHOENIX WINS LOL. (A side note, my online record is 10-50, I'm not that good.) After playing with this team in training for a while, I realized they don't really fit together. I'm going to give them another chance in Ultimate, because I know Iron Man got some changes that may help. Also the way Tony Stark is, I'm sure having this team would be a dream come true for him. Also Morrigan would be interested in the Dark Phoenix powers. Anyway enjoy the wallpaper.

Team 1 - Ryu, Spider-Man, Strider-Hiryu [link]
Team 2 - Dante, Zero, X-23 [link]
Team 3 - Chun-Li, Chris, Captain America [link]
Team 4 - Crimson Viper, Trish, Felicia [link]
Team 5 - Deadpool, Viewtiful Joe, Hsien-Ko [link]
Team 6 - Nemesis, Doctor Doom, Sentinel [link]
Team 7 - Hawkeye, Nova, Iron Fist [link]
Team 8 - Wesker, Akuma, Dormammu [link]
Team 9 - Amaterasu, Tron Bonne, Taskmaster [link]
Team 10 - Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, Hulk [link]
Team 11 - Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Super Skrull [link]
Team 12 - You are here!
Team 13 - Jill and Shuma Gorath [link]
Team 14 - Vergil, Magneto, Firebrand [link]
Team 15 - Frank West, Haggar, Wolverine [link]
Team 16 - She-Hulk, Storm, Spencer [link]
Team 17 - Arthur, Thor, MODOK [link]

This is just made to look pretty, nothing is here to rip off either company's money.
(c) of Capcom Characters goes to Capcom
(c) of Marvel Characters goes to Marvel
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