I've spread my motivational words yesterday on about 500 accounts, I just slept and when I woke up earlier I noticed my inbox is booming with replies from each of you. I love how each of you are different, how some of you are very thankful that I've made your day, some say I've motivated them to draw more and some say they're not awesome at all. But you guys are really awesome, the fact that you are here alive and creating wonderful art is already awesome for me. I've seen one person say I'm exaggerating but for some people that simple message really made a ton of people happy. I read every single reply from all of you and I will reply to those who are really thankful about it. Thank you so much everyone!
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By BwuberryArts
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This is such an amazing thing to do, and that is a great goal to aim for. I think I can safely say that you are affecting many more people than you think. As someone else said, the world needs more inspiring people like you both offline and online. You are a beautiful and talented individual, good person~ :)
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AWWwww that's so kind of you!
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Being an inspiration? That is a wonderful goal to achieve :)
Wishes you the best of luck :)
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You are the amazing one! When I saw your comment on my profile page I freaked out and did my happy dance lol! Thank you for all the kind comments. I wish there were More people as friendly and giving as you. Don't ever give up either, you're great at art too :0
Thank you for being part of a million people's lives. Words cannot express how amazing you are and how happy you made us. I'm glad you made my day.
I wasn't having such a great day, but as soon as I saw your comment I was urged to smile ear to ear!
Every day I think about you and that comment. You changed the way I look at my artwork. And a part of me that held guilt disappeared since the moment I saw that.
You're truly special. I hope you get far in life, sweetheart. Your adventure is just starting...
:) ~Christina
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Awww thank you so much too! I'm glad I made you really happy ^w^
I like your art as well, you have potential you know, you just have to do your best! I like puns so I like your sans pun joke, you're quite a punny person aren't you? (Kill me)
I can tell you have passion and really want to be closer to art, practice more and no matter how hard it is for you don't lose hope! And always stay DETERMINED <3
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You deserve it sweetheart
Yep, so true!
Of course I am. Hey, where does a clock go when it's hungry? 4 seconds!! (aaa)
Yes, you do too! It's obvious every artist does. You're great at art too by the way! My goal is to become famous and great at art, just like one of my inspirations, Hyanna-Natsu. But you've become my main inspiration, too. :)
(Oh going back to undertale?XD)
I will stay determined until my bones break. (wow)
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Honestly...the world needs more people like you 😊 :hug:
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Couldn't agree more Kawaii-pikachu33 ^_^
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Aww thank you :VVVV
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this is a really great thing you're doing! 
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You are such a sweetie and let me just say that we need more people like you both in the online and offline world. Your kinds words is definitely one to make a person a lot better and hey, it gives us motivation and the energy to do the things we love.

Thank you for being such a supporting person and I believe you can also achieve your dream of drawing those badass anime girls with guns!! X3

Thank you fellow Pinoy aha <33
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Ohhh thank youuuu! and thanks for the donate! I really really appreciate it! > w <
I thought you were american because of your profile ahaha, your OCs are amazing! I hope you could create more! Let's improve together okay! owob 
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Yep, no problem nwn! 
And I am pinoy,, though I live in the states ahaha
Thanks! I hope to make a lot more art this year than the last :la:
Let us make this a great year 0w0
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Yeah! I hope someday we can be pros and maybe we could also collab and stuffs! There's so much I wanna do when I get good > u <
Don't worry alright, we'll make it someday! Let's not lose hope and do our best! owob
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Oh dude! I believe in you!
And when you get there, please do! I love making collabs with friends nwn

And that someday isn't too far off huehue! Always working to get that goal we want aha~ :la:
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Yeah someday! My first collab! It's gonna be a long journey for me, I only started drawing last year, I don't have any friends to teach me how to draw and arts is not my main course so no one is teaching me how. So I'm just relying on research and learn lots! Hope you get way better than you are right now in the future! o u o
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Self-taught is one of the ways great artists get up tho :') 
I've only been drawing since mid-2013 and my first year wasn't that great XD
But hey, we live in the age of the internet, so knowledge is e v e r y w h e r e ahahah
Don't give up even when things get hard! 
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I will! When it comes to art, knowledge is power! Well that's what I think. The more you know, the better you get. Someday when I get better like a pro I wanna teach people how to create art, I want to know that feeling. Spreading motivational words is not much of a thing I'm proud of since this is easy for me, I want to get praised by my hard work someday and people would take me as an inspiration...Someday my friends wouldn't think I'm talentless and just a waste of space im the world...Thanks for everything you've said to me, I really appreciate your kind words ^w^
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You sure have brightened up mine and many other artist's days with your kind, thoughtfully-written praise. Thank you for taking the time to make this many people happy!
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Thanksss ; u ;
I'll keep motivating people! It's what I want to do! 
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You are really nice and thank you so much for motivating me. You made my day HAPPY! You're a great artist too. Keep up the good work.
Spread L.O.V.E
You take care!
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Thank you and take care too :)
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