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Yes, This IS Rocket Science

Whether you're a propeller head or not; whether you're a valued research scientist, an engineer, or a mad genius; or even if you're none of the above - what you do may be, in fact, rocket science. No matter what they say.

As usual, it's a t-shirt ( [link] ), a blank book cover ( [link] ), a greeting card ( [link] ), and a mug ( [link] ).
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Got to get myself and brother this shirt to wear when we go out to launch our model rockets!!!
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This is something I have to remember every day... or maybe not. Excellent work!
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The day I get my new science book when school starts back up... This is going on the cover.
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Hilarious and clever. Sigh, how long does it take you to ship these shirts usually? Like would I get it within a couple weeks?
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Well, I guess it depends on where you are - but they generally ship within four or five days, and then there's a few days in transit.
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Sounds workable. Thanks
If you don't mind my asking Do you ever attend and sell them at any Sci-Fi conventions?
This one and many others of your spot on wonderful work would make great t shirts.
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That's the reason I've put them on T-shirts :).
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a beautiful starship! I always fancied those sleek, chromed designs :)

A Steampunk Adventure RPG
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O.K. This is the funnest thing I've found on Deviant Art!
I love your work.... An avid fan of Vintage Sci-fi cover art, Whether old or new...:D

Mugs and t-shirts for all this Christmas!!! ;)
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Cool! What is that font called?
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Awesome stuff! I especially love the face. You have a very keen sense of mood & marketing. lol. Well done, sir!
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Bwahaha. I just might have to get this in the mug. Matches the Mad Genius polo shirt I sometimes wear to work. :plotting:

Ooh! And the 2009 calendar deserves some consideration as well....
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Ah, a very nice one again maestro. Maybe I'll alow myself to get this one as a t-shirt. Cool!
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I don't know if this counts but some of the algae species I work with have already made it into space... :D
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I'm pretty sure that does count. Also, I really wonder how they're managing it!
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Yeah, well, it was one of those "growth in zero g" experiments. Not that single celled aquatic organisms care too much about gravity anyway as long as they get enough light and nutrients. Also, Chlorella, the species in question grows just about anywhere as long as it can photosynthesise. Some algae are real divas and it takes a lot of care to keep cultures alive and happy. In the case of Chlorella, you can just leave 'em wherever you find space on the window sill :D So going from a bunch of always-happy tiny green balls to growing veggies in space for a mission to Mars is still a long way...
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Love the face lighting ! :worship: :clap:

Laurent :sun:
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