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The Tune Up of Terror

Change the oil, test the tubes, adjust the positronic circuits... but DON'T, please, use those jumper cables or strap me down to the... wait! Help!

Aw, heck. Not AGAIN.

This dramatic re-enactment of a senseless, preventable crime is meant to remind you how very important it is - even in emergencies - to make certain that any Sanity-Challenged Technophile you consult is fully vetted by the Retropolis Board of Technological Sociopaths. Check their certificates! Get a recommendation!

As with the rest of this series, TUNE UP OF TERROR is available on shirts ( [link] ), greeting cards ( [link] ), coffee mugs ( [link] ) and on blank books ( [link] ).

Because this message is SO IMPORTANT to the Robotic Friendship Devices in your life, and mine.
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This is really well done in all respects!
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Dr. Kleiner...?
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another epic of thrilling tales
Another great one...
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I really dig the action in've really captured a moment in time.
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Excellent work per usual You know I enjoy your descriptions almost as much as the art itself sometimes lol
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A robotic version of a trip to the skid row dentist in litte shop of horrors. Very well executed.
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Great work. Faved.
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