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The Toaster With TWO BRAINS

Here's a retro science fiction pulp magazine cover for a magazine that doesn't exist, but probably ought to: THRILLING TALES OF THE DOWNRIGHT UNUSUAL.

In this imaginary issue we have that nail-biting page turner "The Toaster with TWO BRAINS", in which our heroes delve deep into the hostile lair of Doctor Rognvald, beneath the volcanoes of Iceland - only to discover that this evil genius has created the ultimate malevolent kitchen appliance: the Toaster with TWO BRAINS! Is it unstoppable? Immovable? Relentless? Horrifying? Unkillable? You bet it is.

Because a toaster with one brain isn't terrifying. But two? Talk about the heebie-jeebies!


No, I can't really explain it, and if I could, I probably wouldn't. As usual it's a 3DS Max/Photoshop excursion into the realms of the improbable and - of course - the downright unusual.
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Faved because... Come on, how could I not?
TheLobes's avatar
really nice work, sense of wonder and action, 30s retro sci-fi meets The Brain from planet Arous:)
qrowdad's avatar
I love the way your two brains work
Palatin's avatar
Just awesome!

And the brains have also one eye each - will this madness never stop?
BWS's avatar
Yes, those brains have some terrible depth perception problems.
Neo128's avatar
Ha ha... Diabolical! :D
Cute. When you're not quite ready for the scare of "Tales of Terror" or the thrill of "Thrilling Science Wonder Stories", but want something downright unusual, here's your magazine. ;)
lesterwiley's avatar
"*" ! Absolutly fantastic...I love your work!
Kemodero's avatar
Maybe this toaster will do my bidding to get the job done. Hate it when someone changes it and it get all burned. Is supposen to be golden brown got dammit.
JARM13's avatar
LOL , that is just to funny . This really reminds me of the old pulp novels That I sometimes still saw around as a kid .
Johnny-Radar's avatar
My toaster always burns my toast. I think it's the start of a Great Toaster Uprising...
Von-Krupp's avatar
Oh no, an extra smart Cylon!

Well-done, I do believe it's a runaway success!
SRScribe's avatar
This is F'n awesome.
Reymonkey's avatar
Brains with eyeballs, no less. Well it'd scare me if I found that in the kitchen some morning...

I wonder if they attack with flaming pop-tarts?
This is amazingly fun! I think Dr. Steel needs one
juhoham's avatar
Instant favourite
sevenofeleven's avatar
Never cinnamon to deal with this toaster alone!
Definitely the worst thing since cursed bread.

Well done or burnt at the edges.

Looks great.
RoscoeFink's avatar
This is an amazing piece. I would totally subscribe to that publication.
I really love pulp, and you have managed to capture the essence really well; Everything from the poses and costumes, to the concept and design. The background and props scream "Retro-Futurism"
Also, I really dig that helmet, and a Toaster with two brains is pure genius.
Trancendence's avatar
Sweet holy balls, you should make and publish this . I'd buy every issue.
Beautelle's avatar
oh wow i wonder wat other titles in this series might be haha!! oooh dear or imagine "sorry hunny i was going to make you breakfast in bed but the toaster is feeling a bit off today and it ate the fridge as well as the toast... so we might have to go out for pancakes instead. also you might want some more kids..."
BWS's avatar
You want to watch out for that fridge.
Beautelle's avatar
omg that's true!! if the toaster has two brains (WHY would ANYONE give a toaster two brains in the first place? geeez hehe) then wat does the fridge have!! and the stove!! see this is why i stay out of the kitchen ;) dangerous place
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