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Nova York in Progress III

Here's another test rendering that shows just the detailed blocks I've done to date. There are forty blocks here - though being wedge shaped, they're not all the same size - and offhand I haven't even counted the total number of blocks in the city. But anyhow this is four out of the 28 sections I've split the city into, as I described in the earlier previews.

I'm glad to say that I'm nearing a point where I can cheat much more. This much has taken quite awhile. In my next step I'll take each of these four sections and copy them, then rotate the copies 180 degrees around their center; then I'll delete the most recognizable buildings and replace them with new ones. By recycling all the work I've done on the less detailed buildings I should be able to speed this next bit up quite a lot.

It'll get more difficult again when I do the center sections - those are much more likely to be visible at the same time, so I'll have to avoid anything that might look repetitive. Then there'll be another setup phase for the straight streets, but those blocks will eventually be the easiest of all since they're all the same size and shape, and so many of them will be clear across town from one another. I'll be a copying and pasting fiend when I get out there. I look forward to that!
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=) That'll look awesome once it's finished.
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That´s sick, man, that´s really sick. I mean, it looks great, but it also looks like an awful lot of work. Bautiful, but sick, dude! ;)
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The detail is incredible. I dread to think how long it will take to render in the final stages not to mention how long it's taken to design each building. :O

I found myself staring intently at each building wondering what it was used for which makes me think you're definitely on a winner with this one. :D
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Wow, this is incredible. The amount of detail and the awesome level of design and creativity. I mean, I was a big fan of the old Sim City games, so I love this because you were able to actually create your own city down and have fun designing all the buildings. Your imagination and creativity and design work here is just mind-blowing. This I'm sure is going to look absolutely insane once you've finished.

I think I'm still unclear as to what this project is you're working on and creating, but I will say this, I have to see the finished works! Keep 'em coming!
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so are you going to put in botanical gardens and parks... and dont forget to include the doggy parks! hehe
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You can see some parks around the outer circle, facing mostly away from you in this view. There's what looks like a couple of museums and a bandstand over on the far side :). You can see some of the trees in the parks here, anyway (far left). I still have to sprinkle some of those around the parks you see at the lower left.

I was thinking about a baseball field, but at scale it would be really small here.

I'm glad you found this - I'm still not seeing it in my scraps gallery, though I could get at it through a direct link. Wonkiness is ensuing.
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that is weird.. i think this site right now is only firefox friendly lol... maybe that is why they are pushing it.
ok.. i just saw alot of grey and was thinking if this was simms that is what i would put on the outer edges.your design here reminds of that architect that i cant rember his name did.. i think it was called utopia and it was a circular plot with highrises going to the sky.the city was surrounded by parks and forests.. it was an interesting concept for controlled growth.
i am curious. how far along are you now?
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