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June 8, 2010
*BWS gives us a glimpse into another world in the stylish and eye-catching Gwen in Her Hepmobile Rocket.
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Gwen in Her Hepmobile Rocket

Here's the final version of one of my illustrations for "Trapped in the Tower of the Brain Thieves": the first of my illustrated, interactive stories at Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual ( [link] ).

Gwen Hopkins is taking off over Retropolis on what she thinks is an innocent errand: her uncle, Cornelius Zappencackler, has asked her to deliver a highly customized toaster to Doctor Rognvald in Iceland.

Gwen's actually happy that Uncle Cornelius isn't working on anything that's likely to crack the world wide open or extinguish the Sun. Gwen would be a lot less happy if she knew what Doctor Rognvald was planning to do with this device.

This version of the illustration is based on the one at the web site, and in the book, but has been re-rendered and overpainted in a much higher resolution even than the book's version: 300 pixels to the inch, at 18 by 24 inches.
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nicothai's avatar
so nice !!! 
desertforest's avatar
Sort a blend of dieselpunk and retro sci-fi. Pretty cool.
Willpagan's avatar
cain3D's avatar
NamatracHacni's avatar
First time I saw dieselpunk art. Great work !
Retro sci-fi is beautiful, and so is your talent !
I love this retro pulp/sci-fi stuff. Awesome pic.
I love this retro sci-fi/pulp stuff. Awesome.
Draxdlh's avatar
I love the era-ish nature. The front of this reminds me of a Ryan ST trainer of the 30s.
Alexandra63's avatar
Your work is incredible. Another fan here.
Nariane's avatar
DBRv6's avatar
Great looking retro-sci-fi! Stylish
Serio86's avatar
I :heart: this one. It got a special 1930 affiche feeling over it.
The colors are awesome in softness.:star:
clippys's avatar
TenderlySharp's avatar
Great design, classic.
Phat-Force's avatar
I would so drive that thing!
LCVII's avatar
Simply, no comments...
Stigmartyr762's avatar
This is so cool to look at! :D
RooniMan's avatar
Great design!
TheWonderingSword's avatar
Great diesel-punk stuff. I love these visions of Future-Past. Great work.
Ichogo's avatar
Is the future....
We went back to cars of the 40's
AshtonPerson's avatar
diesel punk FTW!!!
ItalianDragon's avatar
It reminds me of Fallout in some way >.>
Really cool picture though 8D
MDK1982's avatar
I like the retro futuristic design.
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