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Golden Knotwork Pentacle

It's been a long while since I was a pagan (I just don't do gods any more), so don't jump to too many conclusions here; I simply wanted to do something interesting with a bold shape encrusted with knotwork, and I thought that this would be a really striking image. One of these days I mean to do something similar with a Celtic cross, just to muddy the theological waters even more, or to give equal time, or something - because it's also a striking, bold symbol in its Celtic version.

I've done two treatments of the pentacle, one gold, and the other silver; each one is essentially the same except for its palette.

Thee are eighteen "gripping beast" dragons - ten in the circle, eight in the corners - with several panels of interlaced bands - and of course the pentacle itself is here turned into a knotwork design.
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This is bloody marvellous.
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5 for silver 6 for gold Jolteon la 
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This is... so beautiful!
Just perfect, lve been seeing poor copies of your design for a while now and lm so glad to have finally seen the real thing.Now l just have to decide which print to buy
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Harvest moon again tonight.
moonshiner1966's avatar
This is such a beautiful work of art. I hope you don't mind i added a copy to my gallery. I'm just starting my collection right now but feel free to take any you like when i get my whole gallery together.

)O(Blessed Be)O(
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Regardless of faith, your skill is obvious. Awsome detail. It just has that overall look of illuminated manuscript. Most excellent work!
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That is beautiful. I see others speaking of a silver one, I would like to see that one too. Would you mind if I printed this out on sticker paper and put it on my herb box?
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The colours and the details, everything here is so wonderful!
Kramheather's avatar
This work is phenomenal...
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Stunning work I love both Gold and Blue Versions. Holds a different feel for both :heart:
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could you tell me scale please? thanks. :)
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man, i thought i recognised your work..outstanding.
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Great work! very inspiring
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Speaking of muddled theological waters: In the middle ages the pentacle was a Christians symbol.
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Beautiful work indeed!
jascorpio9's avatar
Very beautiful work!!!
dragonrider-nd6's avatar
Why do so many people assume that this is the symbol of evil? It's not really, it's a wonderful symbol of life and eternity. It's a wonderful drawing. I'm Celtic so I know a lot about the pentagram.
DodgerThirteen's avatar
Then you should know that the pentagram is Mediterranean, not Celtic.
dragonrider-nd6's avatar
actually it was... the circle means eternity and the star is for the five elemnts.
DodgerThirteen's avatar
That's a modern, Wiccan interpretation. It was often utilized in ancient Greek symbolism and it has been picked up by various civilizations over the centuries.
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