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Enlist in the Space Patrol

The Space Patrol - whose motto is "Preserving Peace Between the Planets" has inaugurated its recruiting drive for 2039 with these rousing posters at all recruiting centers.

If it were a thankless job it would still need doing - but happily, the Space Patrol is almost universally admired, and there are benefits - edible food! Spartan accommodations! Your own ray gun! Affable second lieutenants!

By signing on, you will enter into a new career of interplanetary adventure: you may meet, and blast into small quivering bits, the Awful Green Things From Space! Pursue Space Pirates! Endure a station rotation in corners of the galaxy where nothing has ever happened and where, almost certainly, nothing ever will!

Patrolees are equipped with modern and hygienic protective gear, including lightly used spacesuits and air tanks. Students should note that college plans are also available.


Originally a t-shirt design for the Retropolis Transit Authority ( [link] ), this is also available on coffee mugs and stickers at the Retropolis Travel Bureau ( [link] ).
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grooveman59's avatar
Absolutely amazing art!!
CavalierZee's avatar
Very nice work!
MercenaryBlade's avatar
Awesome, reminds me of 50s scifi
Audrat123's avatar
DFTRebell's avatar
Like this stuff
PzlWksMedia's avatar
Wow great finish... super slick and clean design.
Specimen313's avatar
I'm inspired to keep peace between the planets :iconlaplz:
PK-Artist's avatar
Awesome rendering job!
Augusttalok's avatar
Bloody Brilliant
JARM13's avatar
If this had been available when I was 18 ...... Excellent work , again .
Kahdrim's avatar
Love it, fantastic job
Timekeeper9's avatar
Yeah, but Space Pirates have a better pension plan and don't require all those pesky forms.
introvert13's avatar
I like that the Lieutenants are affable. Hard to find those these days.
caesaraugustus's avatar
Is it 2039 already?

I keep dating my checks 2038...
theRealJohnnyCanuck's avatar
I bet you'd do a kickass rocketeer. This is awesome.
Gaston25's avatar
Wow, that's awesome! Love your pulp stuff.
StinaWiik's avatar
...excellent illustrations, layout and composition! :+fav:
horai's avatar
Naah, I don't trust 'em.

Lovely work as always.
ChatonRose's avatar
Wow, imagine that, "edible food!" :lol:

Excellent work!
proverbialcheese's avatar
Oh yes if anywhere is lacking peace it's beetween the planets.
U1trawoman's avatar
Where do I sign up?
dkl78594's avatar
Beautiful composition! :D
karanua's avatar
The thrilling adventures of Marshal Ezra Gurney lol. Anyone who hasn't ever come across the radio series from the 1950's should visit here [link]
Have fun :)
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