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Here's a little bouillabaisse of Lovecraftian horror and Celtic art. A marriage not made in heaven, obviously, but given the subject - well, that's just fine.

Cthulhu, known among necromancers as "The Elvis of the Great Old Ones", is possibly not dreaming here - as we hope he continues to do - but its hard to be sure with those pearly eyes. Anyway his tentacles divide and dissolve into bands of Celtic knotwork in a way that pleases me. I always dread treating part of these animal-like patterns in a realistic way when I need to flatten them out elsewhere in the design; but this time, possibly due to Cthulhu's intervention, I managed it pretty well, I think.

The digital painting (Photoshop) was created for a T-shirt design for my newly relaunched Saga Shirts site ( [link] ) where I'm now doing a new line of full color shirt designs, rather than the silkscreened shirts I had there before. The budget-minded should be told that those older shirts are now marked down. I've been adding designs there like crazy for the past couple of weeks and whenever I keel over and stop, that might mark the end of my current knotwork binge. It's okay, I've got other things that need tending.
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whaou !!! H.P Lovecraft....