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I've been working for the last several months on a project called Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual, and it's just (finally!) launched. Thrilling Tales is a series of (densely) illustrated and (lightly) interactive stories from the retro future that can be read in their entirety at the web site (for free!) or purchased as full color books (not for free!). There are also some free downloads like desktop wallpapers and screen savers and, for the moment, a single diversion in the site's Derange-O-Lab. That's the Pulp Sci-Fi Title-O-Tron, a random pulp science fiction title generator. The first Thrilling Tale is Trapped in the Tower of th
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It’s been a busy Spring and Summer so far; but just about all the work I’ve been doing has been on my web sites, so there hasn’t been much to upload here.  Last year I spent about nine months on a very large project – so large that even those months barely scratched the surface of it – and this year I’ve been trying to undo some of the resulting neglect of my commercial ventures.  Since although I may be a shiftless layabout, I’m not a wealthy shiftless layabout. Late last week I got distracted from what I ought to have been doing by a program that generates height maps, for realistic 3D terrain, and
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    It's just been nonstop, screwball comedy hijinx day and night here in the secret laboratory, if by "nonstop etc." you mean working constantly for months at a stretch on something so huge that even months of work don't make a dent in it.    It's my own fault, of course; last year I carried out a plan that was meant to give me lots of time to spend on a project of my own – after many years of day jobs in which I spent my time and mojo on Other People's Dreams, or possibly, on Other People's Schemes, or - most likely -on both.    So I shuffled through the stacks of stuff in the Idea Closet and what fell on me there was one of my ver
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What was computer rendering like back in the late 1980s?

Pretty slow, mostly.

Woah, how long have you been making these renders?

Since about 1988.

1988!? When computer animated films were nothing more than Pixar shorts? That's a long freaking time.

Hi. I'm a huge fan of The Labyrinth of time and I'm interested in making game myself. It's supposed to be based on early 1990s point and click adventure games.

Do you remember what software you used to make Labyrinth of Time?

Well, it was a different world back then: I used a whole lot of Amiga software on the Labyrinth, including Imagine (for 3D rendering), The Art Department (for image processing), and Deluxe Paint and TV Paint (for 2D painting). Of those, only TV Paint still exists.
We compiled the animation files with custom software that we later turned into a commercial application called Magic Lantern.
But none of those would be viable today unless you were working on an updated Amiga or an emulator, which probably wouldn't make much sense.