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Thief - FE7x

By BwdYeti
Similar to the Pirate, this is an improvement on an existing class, not a new one. Unlike the Pirate the basic attack is just edited some and not entirely redone. But whatever the knife animations are new and make up for it.

The various animations are:
Sword Attack
Sword Critical
Knife Attack
Knife Critical
Magic Sword Attack
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This would be perfect for if Fates-esque Daggers were actually incorporated into a GBA hack.
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Hi! I saw your sprites and I found it great. At the moment I work on a fire emblem and I would see if you could not get into my team project ... But before I would just tested your ability ... trying to make a sprite Yukimura Sanada! : D! Yes, my project is a FEhack about Sengoku Basara.
I hope you will soon meet the.
If you want some info on the project, go to this site:…
Sincerely bosskay.
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Looks really good!
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So now you added knife... interesting how will be their role in the game... was a nice addition.

And how you're doing the master skill?
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B- Rogue or Assassin, I meant
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