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Pirate - FE7x

By BwdYeti
Unlike most of the 7x animations this one isn't for a new class, but an improvement on an existing IS FE class. The GBA FE Pirate animation has so few frames and isn't very interesting, and IS FE Pirates are just another big axe guy with Fighters and Brigands. 7x Pirates are much leaner and swifter, and the animations show that off
wahhh axe guys have so many animations

The various animations are:
Axe Attack
Axe Critical
Magic Axe Attack
Magic Axe Critical
Axe Avoid
Throw Axe Attack
Throw Axe Critical
Throw Axe Avoid
Unarmed Avoid

There should be a bunch more 7x animation uploads soon (at least 5), I just need to get them sorted out
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Looks better than the original. Good job~

I hope you will be able to make Berserkers that looks like the ones from FEDS. I don't like the FE GBA Berserkers that much.
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In some fashion your new sprite looks more 'armonic' in the way that move and react.. more a true pirate using both streght and speed for a assault.

pretty nice sprite
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I really like it, but I feel like regular axe criticals could be fancier. That's my opinion though, I really like the criticals with lots of flips and flashy stuff, like Hero and Rogue.
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Oh God!! The legend returns!! I thought you were dead or something XD
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Yo har ho! ^-^