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A year later...

Sat Apr 18, 2015, 7:00 AM
Hi lovelies :D

i know i know its been a while since i wrote a journal, last one was from 2014 hahaha :dance: i feel like i only got the chance to write once IN EVERY YEAR, believe me im suck at writing plus i now have a photoblog website that basically the place i always write my journal you can check here: its also the place i upload my latest works that never been released or publish elsewhere along with some of stories and daily basis activities, thats probably the reason why i never update my journal anymore :D 

I mostly active at Instagram then DA these days, i uploaded probably 2-3 of my photoworks everyday you can check here: or you can just simply go search for bwaworga (same as my username here) i guess its the best place for me to keep in touch with people who appreciate my works as well as keep in touch with fellow photographers.  

I always love Deviantart tho, this is my first photography online sharing community.. i uploaded my 1st model shots here and its been like probably 4 years ago (well you can see i have thousand of photos here) this community is a witness of my photography journey!!  i know some of the biggest fashion photographers also grew here, i constantly also get alot of supports about my works which i always appreciate but somehow i think photographers and people starting to leave this community for another social medias that "seems" like offering much more exposure than Deviantart.....  PLUS I got some nasty emails and messages from some dudes... said they love my models and found me via deviantart and they love Asians women and they attached also some of nude female and their Vagi*** images!  its gross and terrified me to be honest! and im starting to think "is this community starting to be place for perverts trying to find pleasure?"  and all those tacky pictures in the name of arts who i saw more and more each day here gained so much exposure more than REAL artsy photography, Deviantart is changed to be honest.

I dont wanna leave deviantart, at least not know. I think i attached emotionally with this community.. so even tho i found there are alot of negativities i also know i still have alot of people that positively appreciated my works, so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!  its because of you i keep continue upload and share my photography here :) :heart:

I guss thats all i want to say :) well, maybe see you again next year for my next journal LOL
and i end this with shameless self promotion from my past fav  photos (which you probably missing out to check LOL)

Roses and Milk by bwaworga  dark age by bwaworga  River v.2 by bwaworga
Summer Vibe v.2 by bwaworga  sleeping beauty by bwaworga  in summer by bwaworga
Mermaid Trap v.2 by bwaworga  Calm sea by bwaworga  Ferris wheel by bwaworga
Waterfalls v.2 by bwaworga  10000 flowers by bwaworga  wild and young v.3 by bwaworga
wanderers by bwaworga  Spell by bwaworga  The Wildflower by bwaworga  Gugupeople by bwaworga



first post on 2014!

Sun Feb 23, 2014, 7:06 AM
Hi lovelies!! Meow :3 
OMG i realized its been a looong while since i wrote a journal here! last one is like a year ago :( (Sad)  so basically alot of thing happened, i dont know if you are going to read this but i totally salute you if you will ehehehehehe Wink/Razz 

2013 apparently became one of the toughest year of my life, i lost one of the most important person in my heart and life: my father... he is like my only rock, my biggest supporter and a best friend, its truely a nightmare.. he was sick but me and my family never thought it wil bring his death, in a short story my world colapsed and i forever lost, theres this big hole in my heart that i think will never gone, i became a different person, life is getting more tough and i feel so ungrateful, lucky me i still have my family and friends who keep supporting me and Photography

Photography is probably the only thing that can truely bring me joy and happiness, it makes me forget about all the sadness and keep me distract from all the pain and lost, with photography i can keep moving on with life

Anyway, on a lighter note... i think i grow alot on photography too :happybounce:  not to forget to mention this community helps me so much to grow, i also hit more than 200.000 page view here on Deviantart deviantART , my photos starting to get more and more recognitions here which making me happy Clap  my facebook page Brenda Waworga Photoworks also hit more than 60.000 likers, and my Instagram photography page hit 30.000! it feels so great to know alot of people apprecited my works so THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUUUCHHHH!!

I think thats all i can wrote :) thank you so much for reading this and thank you so much also for your support Heart 

and as ussual some self promotion for you to check outtttt if you havent ahahahaha =P (Razz) 

  River v.2 by bwaworga Blue by bwaworga oh my little stars v.1 by bwaworga
  Red Romanticsm v.1 by bwaworga Suffocate by bwaworga Bricks by bwaworga
  lets play Merry Go Round by bwaworga Red riding hood v.3 by bwaworga Sail Away by bwaworga
  JMR V.2 by bwaworga you see me by bwaworga Ocean breeze v.1 by bwaworga
  blue sky v.3 by bwaworga VF v.1 by bwaworga Leopard v.1 by bwaworga
  Breeze by bwaworga Hologram with you v.2 by bwaworga queen by bwaworga

also if you havent check out my Facebook page, go click this link below Giggle  ill be very much appreciated it

Facebook Page

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 16, 2012, 7:20 AM
If you like my works, please kindly add my Facebook Fanpage  :dance:

Brenda Waworga Photoworks

I updated it mostly everday :) and i also put some behind the scene pictures there (if you curious about my photoshoot sets)
See you guys there ;)


As ussual my little self promotion:
Right Here by bwaworga Aucune Crainte v.6 by bwaworga intimate by bwaworga
Afternoon glow by bwaworga holding by bwaworga my blue sky by bwaworga
within the soul v.1 by bwaworga Brighter than the sun v.1 by bwaworga Secret Garden v.5 by bwaworga
Pink, Music and Me by bwaworga our world by bwaworga I love you v.2 by bwaworga
Autumn by bwaworga Straight forward v.2 by bwaworga Geekly Passenger v.2 by bwaworga

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Hello World

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2012, 4:49 PM

Its been such an amazing journey through this a year and a half on this amazing community, i learn so much here... saw so many breath taking artworks from so many awesomely talented photographers and artists around the world! Deviantart is awesome... and i also  want to thank to every single comments, fav, supports, watchers and friends that i got here... its amazing :hug:

Anyway, i love getting friends request from deviantart people but i unfortunately i reached the 5000 marks friends already and i cant accept anyone as i ussually did :( so last month  i created a fanpage at facebook.. and i got 750+friends there already, which is awesome! i think its a really great start for me.. so if you like my photoworks please do join me there and be my friend:

Brenda Waworga Photoworks

Oh, also little gift for my watchers and friends... if you want an animated Avatar ID (like mine) ill make one for you :dance: just send me a note or email at with 4 of  your pictures then ill make one for you FREE! the result will be 50x50 px only... so if you think you are my loyal visitors and watcher.. hurry up send me note or email.. but do be nice okay :D

Liitle self promotion from my latest works:
Embrace v.1 by bwaworga Maria Rizki by bwaworga Little Carousel v.6 by bwaworga Summer Girl by bwaworga
Angel v.2 by bwaworga Afternoon Sonata by bwaworga Our World v.3 by bwaworga outside of me by bwaworga
Red attitude by bwaworga I Love You v.1 by bwaworga Black Swan v.1 by bwaworga Sad smile by bwaworga

Thank you so much for giving time to read this, see you guys around soon on the next journal, have a nice day :hug:

:heart: Brenda


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2012, 7:00 AM
Hello guys, first of all i want to say Happy New Year 2012, lets rock on!

finally i made a fanpage since my friends keep telling me to create one!
so if you have facebook and have time and do like my photoworks please do kindly follow me at:


ill post alot more pictures there soon ^^

thank you!!! :hug:

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 18, 2011, 9:34 PM
Hello my lovely watchers and viewers :dance:
i dont have much thing to write other than saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the appreciations on my works, for the watch, comments, favorites, messages, views.. everything ... they are all mean so much to me.. these are whats keep me doing Photography and try every day to be a better photographer...   Deviantart becoming like one of my fav place these days, i think i become more and more better on photography because of Deviantart... i also meet some great photographers with great personalities here... so i guess i will stuck in here for pretty long time hahahaha... once again thank you so much guys for the supports.. i really do love you all :love:

A little self promotion from me hahaha hope you dont mind :)
A day without you by bwaworga This loneliness by bwaworga 80's by bwaworga Autumn by bwaworga Photograph V. 1 by bwaworga Summer Day v.1 by bwaworga Indian Republic V.2 by bwaworga Afternoon glow by bwaworga moving forward by bwaworga one afternoon v.2 by bwaworga Leave me alone by bwaworga Elysium by bwaworga the sky has no limit by bwaworga RED in BAMBOO by bwaworga Baby Blue Says by bwaworga Red attitude by bwaworga SO LOST by bwaworga Red Attitude v.1 by bwaworga Secret Garden v.1 by bwaworga Let it snow v.1 by bwaworga Miss shopaholic v.2 by bwaworga tosca by bwaworga Solitude by bwaworga

oh, if you all want to be friends with me at face book... feel free to add me:
see you all guys soon :hug:

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2011, 6:43 AM
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Hello guys, how are you?
Its been a while since the last journal i wrote, and pretty much things happened on my life ever since...  i guess life is playing really nice to me lately.... so here are some of the news in this not so quite famous life of Brenda:

1. I get married on July 30th 2011, yes you read it right :) i MARRIED the man in my dream... his name is Brian :love: we met at the church became friend and then lovers... i just knew hes the perfect man for me and i want to spend my whole life with him.. so... this is it... im officially and proudly a Mrs. :D
we went to BALI for honeymoon... it was like one of the best moment ever happened in my life....  :D
oceanic kiss by bwaworga

2. I got Daily Deviations Last month, im quite surprised cause i never thought i will get a DD so thank you so much for the DD, it means a lot for me :D
Leave me be by bwaworga

3. I upgraded my camera to CANON EOS 5D MARK II :dance: its my dream camera and im so thankful i finally have it... hopefully i can  be a better photographer... its really worth the price if you ask LOL
Canon EOS 5d MKII by ebuyerdotcom

4. I got 800+ watchers already... thank you so so much :hug:

So guess thats it... you really can tell im a really happy person and im so thankful to God for everything ever happened in this life :)  See you soon on next journal and thank you so much for reading this :hug:

+430 Watchers

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2011, 6:55 AM
Its been a while since my last journal, so i guess its time again for me to rambling here :) first of all thank you so much for all my 430 watchers, it means alot for me and make me even more want to create something better and better in future...  :dance:

once again thank you for the supports, comments and favorites :hug:
hope the number will be increase and ill be a better photographer...

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Hey... this is my first journal entry... i guess wht not taking this space for rambling and talking about myself LOL
Thanks for care to read this, and im pretty much sure youll close this before you read the ending of this journal

Ever since the time i own DSLR camera, i become more and more interesting with Photography, but maybe its just me or what... i enjoy taking picture privately... i know its also fun surrounding by people or friends who share the same hobby with you,i did it too for several time.. but to be honest it will feel much more comfortable, happy and fun doing my photoshoots on my own (with the helping hand of my assistants) and it feel so fun for owning the one and only concept and frames just for myself... i may sound selfish but people have their own way to be happy or enjoying things

I want to learn so much more on this Photography world, and the same passion also for share what i took behind the lens and what i saw from my eyes :)

at the end of this i just want to say

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