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Psychedelic Anti Valentines
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Yes, it's those damn bunnies again, but all slaughtered this time around! This was done for a promotional poster for our fundraising event this wednesday~ We needed a vday themed poster, and everyone suggested using one of my illustrations, since we didn't have time to produce a new image.

So late friday night me and my friends were in the studio and I was working on this. They were telling me to make it all bloody. XD; So this is what I did.

If you go to NSCAD, you may have seen these around the school. We also handed out mini valentine invitations as well~ Except the background is in pink~

SO!!! If you're in the halifax area this Wednesday and you're lonely(and legal drinking age)... COME TO THE SPLIT CROW!!! XD SUPPORT THE NSCAD HONOURS DESIGN EXHIBITION!!! You never know, you may meet someone there. TEE HEE HEE.

Putting up for print~ But it's going to be taken down on the 14th since the event will be over then, and I'm only doing it to get copies for myself since the print quality is excellent at DA. 8D I doubt you will want one since it'll have the poster text on it. X3;
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