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In celebration of reaching 600 watchers, I resolved to create a special piece to commemorate the occasion. (It's actually a bit over that now^^)
I didn't want to do something obvious like spelling "Thanks!" with mummies, or anything like that. After some messing around, this began to take shape.
It required making a few new props and a bit of tweaking, but I hope you all enjoy it!
 As always, thanks for having all those looks and doing all that watching! ^^

***this piece will experience re-rendering with-in the next 24 hours to remove red glare and improve lighting and shadows...just FYI for all you rarities collectors.***
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© 2018 - 2021 bvknotty
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SouthBlade's avatar
Did you make those masks yourself? Great image by the way.
bvknotty's avatar
Masks, straps, mummy sheaths and most (but not all) of the machinery is my work.
Glad you like it ^^
SouthBlade's avatar
Ah fair I was going to say that's a mask I wouldn't mind getting for my library, great work with the image though!
rubberi's avatar
Are these the new employees for the cleanroom-work or is it the access scheme for a boarding school? Very nice picture.
bvknotty's avatar
Actually I sell them for insane amounts of money to kinky aliens,
who splice the DNA and even cloned body parts of various species
to the earth women, whose genetic make-up is uncannily suited to the creation
of "xeno-morphic" hybrids.
(i.e. stick a modified fox face and ears and tail grown in a tank onto a human, inject some tweaked DNA to grow
a luxurious pelt of fur, and viola! instant high priced alien anime hooker! (after appropriate mental programming of course))
These are then sold to even kinkier aliens for even larger amounts of cash.^^
rubberi's avatar
Sounds very interesting. How do you purchase them?
bvknotty's avatar
Alien bitcoins ^^
EnglishDamsel's avatar
Damn that gives me the shivers. Very nice!
Padded-Woman's avatar
What happen to the girls on the far right with the number 600. Why is she suddenly went silent. I hope there is a storyline for all of this. This is interesting to know.  :D  :D
phantomdotexe's avatar
This is most definitely one of my favorite things you've done. I might swap out the lenses for something darker, scarier, and more appropriate for a new product... 
denkira7's avatar
Like the automated slave-rail. :) Congrats!
It's Great!
I like this illust.
Nina7777777's avatar
OMG! I otally love this! "Mass production" is always fun, as it stresses the objectification! And here: Those helmets are so silly (ment in an absolute positive way ;-)) and I really like the idea with the display on the forehead!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
webbedman's avatar
Congrats and a great addition to your terrific renders!!!
bvknotty's avatar
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