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A slightly different pod design, this one has pose-able restraints, but was built for a very specific character, so although the victim seems quite snug,
she does have a little bit of wiggle-room. (Although with that huge hypodermic hovering over our poor damsel, who can say if wiggling will be a factor soon?)
She's also at the mercy of a practically painted-on body sheath and strap set that I've been slowly getting the kinks out of...or is that into? hmmmm.

Thanks for being patient while I look for my mojo, and as always ^^ Thanks for having a look!
Left Field Falls
After all the weird stuff I've posted I doubt anyone saw this coming.
This is an acrylic painting I've been working on in little bits for about a year.
Finally got to that point many artists come to, where you wonder if you're going to do more and risk messing it up, or it's done.
Thanks for having a look ^^
No Iron Chef For You
This has been up at one of those "naughty" sites for few years, but I'm sure a lot of folks here probably haven't seen it.
As for that kooky ending, sometimes I can't help myself and throw a zinger in the works, what can I say?
Thanks as always for having a look! ^^
Night of the Doll-Makers (cnt'd.)
     No longer able to protest or resist, the girls were posed and dressed in various
fairly "cute" outfits, to what end only the robots and perhaps those who made them knew.
     The process, born of some terrible alien technology, had rendered all of them the same...mutely they stood, their glassy eyes fixed straight ahead.
Of whether or not there survived any spark of consciousness, they gave no hint, their glossy limbs frozen in the poses chosen by their new masters.
And why???        Because it was.....The Night of the Doll-Makers!!!

Thanks as always for having a look!^^
Lair of the Doll-Makers!
Bethany struggled helplessly, as the robot carried her into the strange orange room. She heard a muffled scream to her left, where the lid had closed over a pod like the one she was being carried to.
To her right, it looked like another robot was lifting some sort of plastic mannequin from a pod that had just finished opening. Could that really be her fate?
  Her thoughts were quickly jolted when the sting of an air-powered hypodermic shot through her thigh as it made contact with the interior of the pod. Her limbs turned to jelly at once.
The robot arranged her to it's apparent satisfaction and then to her shock, produced a small pair of shears and snipped away her flimsy negligee.
As she lay there, she thought she heard a tiny almost metallic voice, gasp "no! no!!" above the hum of the machines.
After a time, a loud pulse went through the machinery and the pod began to move...Bethany was to become another victim of The Night of the Doll-Makers!!!


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