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DBVR Retired

Pirate Love by pjuk:bulletblue::bulletblue: DBVR Horse Card: Suave Blanco by BVicius:bulletblue::bulletblue: Pirate Arrrrg by Momma--G

DBVR Suave Blanco

Stable Names ↔ Jack
Breed ↔ Mustang
Bloodlines ↔ Foundation x Foundation
Age ↔ 7
Height ↔ 15.3hh or 160.02 cm
Genotype ↔ EE/aa/DD/nSpl
Phenotype ↔ Grulla Dun Splash

Temperment ↔  1-10 scale, 1 cold, 10 hot
Discipline ↔ Dressage

Available for Stud ↔ Yes
Available for Lease ↔ No
Passable Traits
Passable Flaws

Offspring ↔ DBVR Wherefore Art Thou, DBVR Reverse The Curse
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mamat06.deviantart.com/art/HAR… mamat06.deviantart.com/art/HAR… mamat06.deviantart.com/art/DBV…

Stats :star: :star-half: :star-empty:
Rythm (energy & tempo)
Relaxation (elacsticity & suppleness)
Connection (acceptance of the bit through acceptance of the aids)
Impulsion (increased energy & thrust)
Straightness (improved alignment & balance)
Collection (increased engagement, lightness of the forehand, & self carriage)

R4L Event Winners 11 by JNFerrigno

:bulletpink:Name: DBVR Hey, I Love You (Sandy):bulletpink:
Settling In by BVicius Early Morning Surprises by BVicius Running Down a One Way Track by BVicius Not Loving It by BVicius Welcomed Retirement by BVicius

Breed: Mustang | Age: 18
Height: 15.3hh | Color: Palomino
Pattern: Spotted Blanket | Markings: White Snip
Genes: Aa/ZZ/SbSb | Discipline: Dressage
Passible Traits: 20% of foals will have the Silver gene, and 10% will a have spotted blanket pattern.
Sire/Dam: N/A | Bloodlines: Wild Caught La Jara, Colorado
Offspring: DBVR Lovely Poison Shenanigan's mamat06.deviantart.com/art/Ear… | For stud/lease: N/A

:bulletpink:Name: DBVR Pretty Piracy (Facet):bulletpink:
Blanco's Treat by BVicius A Wish Come True by BVicius Welcomed Retirement by BVicius

Breed: Mustang | Age: 18
Height: 15.1 hh | Color: Silver Bay
Pattern: Frame Overo | Markings: Front left Sock, Rear right Stocking, star, and snip
Genes: AA/Ee/ZZ/nO | Discipline: Eventing
Passible Traits: 50% of foals will get the silver gene
Sire/Dam: N/A | Bloodlines: Wild Caught Las Cruces, New Mexico
Offspring: DBVR Reverse the Curse mamat06.deviantart.com/art/HAR… | For stud/lease: Yes, Private Note Me with Requests, Realistic Breeds Only

DBVR Wherefore Art Thou

        :bulletblue:Name: DBVR Wherefore Art Thou (Romeo):bulletblue:
Blanco's Treat by BVicius My How They Grow by BVicius Angry at the World by BVicius
Breed: Mustang | Age: 5
        Height: 16hh | Color: Zebra Dun
        Pattern: Frame Sabino | Markings: None definable
        Genes: Ee/Aa/DD/nO/nSb | Discipline: Untrained at this time
        Passible Traits: Unknown at this time
Sire/Dam: DBVR Suave Blanco x DBVR Natural Remedy | Bloodlines: Mustang x Mustang
Offspring: None | For stud/lease: Not Yet

DT Tabasquo

:bulletblue:Name: DT Tabasquo (pronounced Tuh-bask-o) (Saucy, Luver Boy):bulletblue:
DT Tabasquo by BVicius Inseparable by BVicius
Breed: Dutch Warmblood | Age: 5
        Height: 16.1hh | Color: Smokey Black
        Pattern: None | Markings: Blaze, two hind socks. Amber eyes. Mane and tail fade lighter at ends.
        Genes: EE / aa / nCr | Discipline: Eventing (jumping, dressage, cross country)
        Passible Traits: Unknown at this time
Sire/Dam: DT Ramsque x Starter | Bloodlines: Dutch Warmblood
Offspring: None | For stud/lease: Not Yet

DBVR  Dagda

RPS Delight

:scroll: by zacthetoad DBVR Deceased:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: :thumb206174844:

:bulletpink:Name: DBVR Natural Remedy (Amber):bulletpink:
Blanco's Treat by BVicius Spiral of Life by BVicius

Breed: Mustang | Age: 12
Height: 15.3 hh | Color: Red Dun
Pattern: Frame Sabino | Markings: Rear left Sock
Genes: AA/ee/DD/SbSb | Discipline: Eventing
Passible Traits: 10% of foals will show dun gene with out father having it. 60% of foals will show the dun gene if the father has it.
Sire/Dam: N/A | Bloodlines: Wild Caught Las Cruces, New Mexico
Offspring: DBVR Wherefore Art Thou? mamat06.deviantart.com/art/HAR… | For stud/lease: N/A

:bulletgreen:Name: DBVR's Brigand's Clarity (Angel):bulletgreen:
Creating Elegance by BVicius
Gender: Filly | Breed: Swedish Warmblood x Mustang
Age: N/A | Height: N/A
Color: Chestnut Tobiano Sabino | Pattern: Tobiano Sabino
Markings: N/A | Genes: AA/ee/ZZ/nT/nSb
Discipline: N/A | Passible Traits: N/A
Sire/Dam: RD's Brisk Brigand x DBVR's Crystal Clarity | Bloodlines: Swedish Warmblood x Mustang
Offspring: N/A | For stud/lease: N/A

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