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Cowgirls Won't Cry

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Published: May 25, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 BVicius
Arrival Bonus Picture for :iconharpg-outlaw-trail:
Rider - Quinn Strauss
Horse - Mahfouzah 32
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The next day broke and she was out the door of the lodge before the suns first rays hit the ground of autumn valley. The big black mare had stood patiently whilst being tacked up. She lunged the nordanner mare, working out any excess energy the mare had to prevent her bucking habit and was pleasantly surprised to find the long trip had taken most of her usual edge off. Mahfouzah seemed to be in a good mood today oddly enough.

She mounted up and took off for the "back pasture". Once there she faulted herself for not getting up even earlier like she had thought was better to do. But that extra sleep had been so welcomed. Carefully taking in every word Deputy Lew Paine said, she studied the riders around her. This event had called in teams from every corner of the world. When Lew Paine began arguing with a Walker gentlemen, most of the crowd maintained it's hushed stupor.

Until the new Walker made a quip about not being so sure of the fugitives guilt. That raised a hubbub, and split much of the group into those who supported him and those who didn't. The black Nordanner mare and rider had shifted there weight to the supporters of the fugitive Aaron Walkers side. She was the type of woman who heard out all sides, and she was sure from what she had witnessed and read that there where some things being kept secret in these parts.

As the Deputy settled the group back down and began outlining rules, She took in the growing comradeship around her. Many had begun to make friends and small teams, undoubtedly thinking that the acquaintanceship might help them down the trail. She returned her focus to the task the Deputy had handed out for everyone. Heading towards the photographers booth, she dismounted and quickly gave her mare and herself a once over.

'Mahfouzah and ...' began the photographer.

'Here!' She spoke quickly. Her voice was soft and smooth like silk, the single word from her had caught the ears and eye of several individuals. She quickly took up the black mares reins and jogged over to stand in front of the camera.

'and ready...' As the photographer prepared to snap the photo. In an unexpectedly personal and comical move, Mahfouzah reached over to her trusted friend and gently picked up a section of her hair. The mare was almost teasing, saying 'haha! I messed you hair-do up!' The woman broke into laughter that rung out like a song birds first morning tune.


Her comrade was her horse, her trusted steed was her only friend in this outback. This was Quinn Strauss. And Quinn was a lot safer here then she was back home. Mama T, the owner of Day Break had taken her in, offered her a safe home and enjoyable work. And now here she was in the outback of Autumn Vale.

He had actually chased her this far, badgering the stable staff for a while when she first started working there. When Mamas husband and their stable handyman had chased him off last he swore he'd find her. Quinn wondered if he'd be crazy enough to follow her here. If he did... The only one who could protect her was herself and the mare she had come to love so much.

But only time would give Quinn the answers to all she was wondering about, and for now she had an Outlaw Trail to be concerned about. She came back to the here and now, and decided it was a good time to go off and do some training with the mare whilst the other competitors where finishing up with their photos.

Horse & Rider ref from a photo in the book Of Women and Horses written by GaWaNi PonyBoy
Will be uploading a version to my scraps shortly to provide link - [link]
Quinn Strauss & Mahfouzah © Myself
Nordanner Breed © =DaneArt
Outlaw Trail Storyline and Concept © *WesternSpice & #HARPG-Outlaw-Trail
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heheh silly mare ^^
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:giggle: Rare as the mood is, she has it in her. =D
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