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Jumper Armor by BuzzTheWolf Jumper Armor by BuzzTheWolf
I've been getting bugged over on the FH forums that I both need a new Avi, both because I hit 1000 posts, and because it's I give you my newest suit of Armor...Lighter and quicker than the my Plasma armor, slightly less durable, but just a badass as the last one...I'm feeling really lazy right now, so I'll come up with stats for it later

oh, and as a side note so I don't get chewed out for this, the helmet was inspired by Strypes latest piece...I couldn't think of any good helmet designs, and then after I saw his, I adapted the design to suit my purpose and I think it turned out REALLY well!

Dimensional Rift Cutter “Jumper” Armor

Classification: J464 DRC
Mass: 3 metric tons, inertial and anti-grav adjusted to 40 kgs
Manufacturer: Orion Industries
Powersource: A set of class six Solar reactors and an ultrium nanoweave capable of absorbing known forms of high frequency radiation for conversion to a usable energy source
Weapon systems: designs Vary by suit
Two class 9 Ion Generators, for use with Ionblades, mounted on each gauntlet
30mm MAC round pistols(Hold a maximum of up to 8 shots due to size restrictions)
Plasma / Ion Cannon mounted either on shoulder or Gauntlet(users choice) and capable of use as a cutting tool or a weapon

Flux capacitors / Dimensional Jumping – Three internal Flux capacitors control and power the suits Dimensional 'Jumping' Capability, using one to all depending on the distance involved. It is possible for the jumpers to jump between planets or even systems, but it requires an external powersource to open across that distance

Movement capability
Movement speed of the suits is set between 9 G's and 16 G's due to weight/energy requirements of the suits themselves
Movement speed
movement speed maxes out at just under 400 Kph across flat terrain on foot, just under 600 by use of anti-grav thrusters
All suits have full flight capability with reactionless particle thrusters placed across the suit, though the pilots refer skimming the ground when they can to prevent any chance of anti-air fire
Interface – Full neural integration combined with an intelligent HUD make for a 'second skin' type of reaction for the jumper suits
Training – six to eight years training prior to being fitted for the suits along with personal selection by previous Jumpers

Known as the bane of the Orion arm, and their influence growing still, The jumper Suits are the most advanced piece of tech to ever come out of Orion Industries. Custom ordered, only six suits were made, each built to match the users frame(and readjustable to those who come after), before the original plans were destroyed.
Weighing in at just over three tons, The speeds and agility are unmatched by any of the previous models. Each suit has been inertial and anti-grav adjusted to weigh in at just under 40 kgs, each suit is capable of speeds between 9 and 16 G's (varying by the suits size)
The Jumper armor is used primarily for high speed close combat, each suit has only one projectile weapon mounted to the suit(Most of the pilots prefer to carry a solid round pistol in addition as a precautionary measure), either a cannon mounted to the shoulder or set into one of the gauntlets. Both styles use a high velocity energy round with medium armor piercing capability. Most of the controllers prefer the ion blades to conventional weaponry
The suits users are a small group of warriors known to have similar traits to the Mandolorians of Old legend, working alone or in a group, they're a force to be reckoned with. They are a very tight knit group, and are rarely seen alone on any mission, under cover or in suit. Currently there are only two females in the group, but the number has fluxuated up to four in the past.
The Jumpers have never lost a fighter in their known history with the suits, it was known of one that took substantial damage at one point, but since then none have been lost due to internal safety protocols designed for lost prevention
The DRC tech has also been used to store the suits. on each of the jumpers back is a small, very thin, backplate like contraption, it is a link to the dimension that the jumpers use to store their armor when on covert missions that require going in plain clothes. a safety protocol built into this portion of the suit allows jumpers to be at ease knowing that if someone takes a shot at them while 'out' of suit, specific plates can be pulled from the dimension instantly, but at a significant cost to the power requirements of the suit. normally the suit comes out in sections starting at the chest and working it's way out and ending with the helmet

Time: 20 minute sketch turned into a 3 hour PS piece
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GundamFan33 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
do you do requests, you do like, the best armor on devart, i would appreciate a conversatioin with you about doing my characters armor
i can give you details, just to consider?
Upstageseeker Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
Late ost much, but I havent commented you in 3 months Mike. Sorry forbeing gone so long, been busy with school and what not. The suit is amazing , very unique and exciting. It seems like a game character, probabaly could be one built around him. Gonna keep that in mind my furture XD, your character of coarse ^-^.^. Its dark, assassin like (to me), a killer of many reasons. Perhaps it could go along a basis of sci-fi super wep. Idk- I'm running with ideas on your art since it fasinates me. Keep at it Buzz, cause I know I will with ideas when I see your art XD.

PS* Journal tomorrow hopefully outlining my last 3 months.
BuzzTheWolf Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Student General Artist
it's fine, no worries, I know school comes first

the suit is designed off of a number of things, most of which are just random little things in mah head, the purpose of the armor is supposed to be designed around a similar principal to that of Mandolorian armor...sleek and efficient...

did I not post the stats on this thing? dang...i thought I had...I made a whole Bio sheet for this suit some time ago...should be up by the time you get this(it's just gonna be added to the artist comments)

and I'll keep an eye out for the journal...^^
Upstageseeker Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009
Alsmot brings a Samus look, but leaning more towards higher efficent armor resist to numerous things
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