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So, I've recently gained access to my website again and I'm considering posting a blog page on there. And since I don't use DeviantArt that much, it might be the perfect opportunity to use these journals as a means to post updates/blogs to the site. Although, I'd have to figure out a way to embed this somehow.

If it ends up working, expect to see more journal entries from me.
After two years since the last demo, Super Mario Bros Doomsday has gotten a complete makeover! It's about time too. Many bugs/issues have been fixed and more content has been added.
This year, Super Mario Bros Doomsday will be featured in the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention. Previous versions of the game have also been included in previous
NCFCs. Download link included below.

It is the year 2012 for the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser plans to take over the world. However he knows he will fail alone. So he plans to propose an alliance with the other villains of the Mario universe so he can defeat the Mario Brothers. By locating and using the power of the Mayan Key, it'll allow whoever posses it to decide the fate of the world. This game is the third and final instalment in the Super Mario Bros 2010 fangaming series.


5 Worlds to Explore
25 Levels to Explore
Powerups: Mushroom, Fire Flower, Hammer Suit, Ice Flower, Mini Mushroom, and more
Modified Overworld
Updated Graphics
Save System
Option to change default music to custom music selection
Levels from previous demo have been polished

And more... just play and see.


z/shift - Jump
x/ctrl - Run
s - Spin Jump
c/space - Release item
a - Move camera left
d - Move camera right

Game Controls:

F1 - Show info
F2 - Restart game
F4 - Full screen
F9 - Take screenshot
Enter - Pause the game
Esc - Exit the game

Special Thanks to SpaghettiBasDev for helping with the story.

(Controls will be modified in a later version with customizable controls. Sorry about the inconvinience, again.)

Note: You must extract the zip file for the game to work. For more information, see the README.txt file.

Download the game here:…

Wednesday (May 20th), I had the privilege to be a guest speaker in my old high school's Brown Bag Lunch Series where many people come talk to students and staff about certain topics such as their careers and their personal stories.

I got to talk about what it has been like living with autism and how that has affected my life. Students and staff watched me take control of the entire room I presented in as I described the many challenges and obstacles I've had to endure and overcome in my journey through K-12 education.

Most of you who know me probably don't know that I have autism because I've never really talked about it until now. The point is I'm coming out now and sharing this with everyone because I've inspired so many people and I want to continue to inspire people through my story. If you have time, please listen to the entire talk I gave for more information about autism and about myself. :)

This was perhaps the most mentally challenging video project I've ever done. Not only did it have to be finished on time, but I had to get the timing perfectly.

My high school prom-posal started out with a simple idea that would be in the back of my head for the next 8 months, taking about 2 months to write, 3 days to film, and less than a day to spare to edit. On top of that, I had to edit the broadcasting news show which it would be shown on and minimal time to film.

When the show including the prom-posal was finished, that is where the real challenge came in. I had to figure out a way to time my entrance with the video playing perfectly. After making sure the teacher would actually play the broadcast and that it worked, it was all set and all I had to do was walk in at the right timing and ask her.

Despite this being extremely stressful, it felt incredibly rewarding and my entire school was talking about it. People were coming up to me asking if she said "Yes." This project is was made me realize this is the reason I am a film maker. I like it because it can be super difficult and a ton of work, but it's always worth the effort once the project is complete because of the feedback and praise. This was shown exactly a year ago.

Full Promposal:
Behind the Scenes/Bloopers:
Royal 3 News Broadcast:…

In the suburban city of Sunnydale, two secret agents named Jack and Charlie are called and given a job to track down a dangerous terrorist disguised as a college professor who poses a threat to a community college.

The One That Got Away is a short film I made. The project was started late September and filming for the project began in October. The One That Got Away is my second official short film with my first being THIS IS IT, Senior Memories finished in June, 2014.

Watch the full film on Youtube:…

This Is It: Senior Memories is a 11 minute amateur film production about a teenager in high school who is dealing with the emotions of leaving old past memories behind, graduating from high school and moving on into the real world.

Based on a true story. This is how my journey in high school went. Our senior class quote was "You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." I found the quote quite fitting to this project. The title of the film was inspired by Michael Jackson's "This is It" movie, and the subtitle "Senior Memories" was put to the end of it to reflect the past memories the entire class had at Royal High School.

This film is dedicated to the Class of 2014 and 2015.

Watch the movie/film here:
Me and a friend decided to dance to Thriller on Halloween at School during Lunch and then this happened... 
The Vice Principal and  school administration halts the Halloween dance when everything was going smoothly. 

When a dancer (me) was stopped, the school boos the school vice principal until the other dancer (Efren) continued dancing anyways and clamed the crowd down, until a school counsellor eventually stopped him too. 

The whole scene was captured on video and uploaded to Youtube.…

Main Dancer: Efren Balam 
Secondary Dancer: Ben Avchen
For those who wanted the script to my Great Awakening Project I did a few years ago, here it is. But give credit if you use it for a project of yours.

The Great Awakening Project
Written and Directed by: Ben Avchen


George Whitefield
Jonathan Edwards

(Intro for Buzzy Bee Company & BAHP)

Dad: Son, it is time I talked to you about the birds,the bees, and The Great Awakening.

Son: Oh. What is that dad?

Dad: The Great Awakening was a religious revival that swept through the American colonies from 1730 to 1770.

Son: Boring...

George Whitefield: GREAT PEOPLE! Ladys and Gentleman. Boys and girls I ask of you to come to our church, and repent of your sins!

Dad: The leaders were  George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards. They drew HUGE crowds to their churches.

Son: Like the one we go to on sundays!

Dad: Let me explain more.


Dad: They preached vehemently.

Son: What does vehemently mean?

Dad: With lots of emotion. I have a dictionary that I study.

Dad: So the Great Awakening made people feel more enthusiastic about religion, but some comunities were split by doctrinal diferences. The movements also helped weaken royal authority.
We don't know, but it might of had a political impact on the American Revolution.

Son: That was great... maybe.

Dad: Now let me tell you about the birds and the bees.

Son: Someone please help...(Silently)

A parody of a video on Youtube called "Go #*&@ Yourself!!" Written by my friend Jeremy Hall and myself. Its not as long as my other scripts, but remember, this is a parody. To see the video, you have to be in my video production class. :D

A Final Generation 11 Productions

Go *BLEEP* yourself
Written by Jeremy Hall & Ben Avchen
Directed by:
Filmed by:

Eric…as…himself (cursing)

Shooting- at…Arroyo Park
Backup characters:

Props: burger and/or sandwich

(This short film takes place at the park. Eric is about to arrive shortly and David and Devon are eating their sandwiches.)

Devon:  David. I think you seriously have a slight accent!
David:  Dude… I don't.
(Eric appears into view)
Eric: Hey guys, whats up?
Devon: Hey Eric. Were just eating our sandwiches. Want to join us?
Eric: Sure. Let me just sit down so I can eat (bleep) my sandwich.
(Awkward pause)
David: Um, WHAT!!?
Eric: Did you just hear that?
Devon: Yea, you just said you were going to bleep your sandwich!
Eric: WHAT? I just said I was going to EAT… (bleep), my sandwich.
David: Dude what the hell!?
Eric: Am I being censored?
Devon: Yea… because your saying offensive things!
Eric: No I'm not! Dude! I'm not going to do anything but eat (bleep) my hamburger.
David: Seriously? You start smoking weed or something?
Eric: NO! You  know what? I got to put the sandwich down and go meet (bleep) up my girlfriend.
(David and Devon turn around looking freaked out at Eric)
David: Uh….
Devon: Your sick! Seriously!
Eric: Man… why do you always get to be the one to meet (bleep) up my girlfriend? You know what, Im just going to go on Youtube and watch this video where these Asains chase(bleep) this white man and…
David: LIKE HELL!!
Devon: That's it! If you say one more word, I'm… going to kick… your…
David: Wait! There is someone behind that tree!
(Behind the tree is in view, Jeremy is the one censoring them, he is pressing a button that's censoring them)
Jeremy: Ha! What a fun prank I did on you guys! HAHA!
(David, Devon, and Eric stare at him like WTF)
Jeremy: Suckers!

The End

Cast and Crew (Amount of lines):

Directed by: Ben
Filmed by: Jeremy
Devon as Himself – 6 Lines
David as Himself – 7 Lines
Eric as Himself – 8 Lines
(Woa! pattern much?)
Jeremy as Himself – 2 Lines

Special Thanks:
This is an old script I made which was going to be a Buzzy Bee movie, but was cancelled due to the original movie not being released yet, but here it is:


Scene 1: A Tragic Event

(The story will take place in the Wild West. Everything could not be any worse, until today in a town called Wild Coast, in a valley somewhere where there is no one in town but three people. Buzzy, hiding behind a pole, As Dr.Stingy Bee crashed through a window, he had a bag of money, and was running for an escape until Buzzy stung him and Stingy fell and lost.)

(Stingy jumps out of the window with the bag of money and it show next to him the title "The STINGY".)

(Runs to escape, when Buzzy comes in and stings Stingy in his place.)

Buzzy: Looks like I have me a bag of money. Gee… Thanks Stingy
(Then Buzzy makes a run for it).

Dr. Stingy Bee: (Laying on ground) Ugg. You will pay Buzzy (Turns around and sees a sheriff).

Unknown 1: There he is. You're under arrest Dr. Stingy Bee!

Dr. Stingy Bee: I don't think so (Stings Unknown 1(Or Sheriff) and escapes)! So LONG!!! Bwhahaha!!!!

Deputy Shylow: Buzzy! This town has found you a hero. A hero, Loyal, and Trusting, not like anyone else in this dang town.

Buzzy: Be surprised Deputy. This town wants the money its bank owns. And I heard a robber like Stingy robbing all the banks in this here town. Like Buzzington Mutual and Bank of Wild Coast. AND National WC. This guy needs to stop.

Deputy Shylow: I have arrested this man once for robbing banks, but shot me and escaped. I was lucky to survive once it hit me, but no chance of capturing him now. He is the biggest threat around.

Tannie: (Appears from side of room) A guy like me can catch him. With the right kind of weapon, THE POWER OF THE STINGER!!!

Buzzy: The power of the Stinger?

Tannie: Yes. Obvious right?

Buzzy: Umm… Maybe, but in my book, it's the man's gun to stop someone like this guy. And Stingy ain't half the problem.  Although he is a pain in the stinger… by far a criminal.

Deputy Shylow: Dr.Stingy Bee is a mean guy, and so stingy too. People like him need to be caught. When you left, my crew arrested him, but Stingy managed to escape, but no worries (Looks not so optimistic).

Tannie: As much as I hate to say it,  Stingy ain't our problem. Buzzy has never let you down and will catch him soon. The person we need to worry about is the National WC bank robber.

Buzzy: What about him robbing other places? He does have a gun, right?

Scene 2: An even Bigger Event

(Next scene introduces the BAD, Professor Edgar, the true bad guy. He made a deal with a guy to borrow a wage of money and if the guy could not pay back, he would shoot him. Although Edgar would shoot him anyways, he went to the guy's house. The camera zooms up on his image to see his evil expression, next entering the house.)

Edgar: Hey, I'm here for my money (Looks around)! Where is it?

Unknown 2: What? The money? Sure, next time knock before entering (Whispering "Old man.").

Edgar: Where is it?

Unknown 2: I… I… I'm not exactly sure, well. To tell you the truth (Starts to sob)… I don't have any money…

Edgar: What!!!! NO MONEY!!! After I let you borrow mine (Takes out his gun, but is interrupted)?
Unknown 2: WAIT! But I know where more money is (Wishing he had not said that!!!...

Edgar: More… Did you say more money? WHERE!!!?? WHERE!!!??

Unknown 2: Under a stone…

Edgar: A STONE!!!! WHERE!!!??

Unknown 2: In Camano Range Graveyard.

Edgar: Which stone?

Unknown 2: I don't know. Ja…Jamul S…amus! Jamul Samus! Please, I gave you enough information. He is the one who knows!

Edgar: (Leaving, then stops, AND FINALLY shoots the man!)

Unknown 2: Uuuuuggg(falling to floor)!!!

Edgar: I think someone like you better keep their mouth shut, but at least I got me the information. Now to find Jamul Samus (Shows his title "THE BAD," and then he leaves.)

(Unimportant Characters come in to see the dead man.)

Scene 3:  A mistake waiting to happen

(Dr.Stingy Bee is out in the fields when he is surrounded and spotted. He looks like he can handle them himself, but really is doomed, until Buzzy saves him?)

Dr.Stingy Bee: (Surrounded) Who are you!!??

Unknown 3: We were here just to arrest you, but we decided instead just to kill you. You have been a big problem to Wild Coast. And WV (West Valley)!! Also the other towns.

Buzzy: Hey! Turn around (Then stings the three unknown men)

Dr.Stingy Bee: BUZZY!!?? But why would you save me? I am your enemy?

Buzzy: Yea. I saved you, for now.

Dr.Stingy Bee: (Zooming toward him) Wait? What do you mean for now? And why do you have that rope.

Dr.Stingy Bee: You untie me Buzzy so I can sting YOU for once. Let me go!

Buzzy: Here you go Deputy. You shall use your gun to shoot him. You may say your last words there Stingy.

Dr.Stingy Bee: KILL ME? WHAT! You're making a mistake.

Buzzy: My mistakes were letting you go. Now you can pay the price.

Dr.Stingy Bee: NO! Unhand me!

Unknown 4: Today, we gather here to shoot the man of "Stingy Bee" of his crimes of robbing banks, stealing, murdering, etc,etc, ETC…

Buzzy: (In the back of the crowd) Wait... what am I doing? I cannot let Stingy be murdered. I just can't see it happen. Stingy could change for all I know (Then Buzzy starts Stinging to get to Dr.Stingy Bee and rescue him. Then they make their escape).

Dr.Stingy Bee: We have been enemies Buzzy, but it looks like your planning something.

Buzzy: I am not planning on anything, but I will plan on keeping those handcuffs on your wings and arms. Wild Coast is 40 miles from here, and you're stuck in the middle of this desert. I am flying out of here, but you can walk. See ya.

Dr.Stingy Bee: CURSE YOU BUZZY! Curses on you and your precious town of Wild Coast! I am going to West Valley! 30 MILES away! Ha!

Scene 4:  Things to Come and Things to Go

(In the end of the previous scene it was suppose to show "THE GOOD" when Buzzy was flying away from Stingy. This scene is the building up of the story; things start to go downhill from here to be the worst of the worst. Things to come are the revenge of Stingy and Things to go is the death of Jamul Samus. It will start by Stingy making it to West Valley and meeting Samuel the Shopkeeper.)

Dr.Stingy Bee: (Walks into town sweating and VERY VERY thirsty dunks his head into a jug of water)(Enters store) Water. Water! I need water.

Samuel: Water? You look like you were walking 40 miles from here.

Dr.Stingy Bee: Exactly!!!

Samuel: I got here… Small water for 50 cents. Large water for $1.00. And finally, Extra Large Water for $2.00.
Dr. Stingy Bee: I will give you A HUNDRED DOLLARS if you give me ALL your water.

Samuel: Wow. We got me a customer alright. I will give you a travel pack of water, A Togo package of water, and if you want, my swimming pool (Smiling happily)!!!

Dr.Stingy Bee: And a gun! A gun that will kill in a single shot!

Samuel: It's illegal now days to sell those types of guns, but I can give you a gun that will look good and bullets that will kill in TWO hits (Smiling again)!

Dr.Stingy Bee: YOU'RE CRAZY! Just give me a gun that will KILL!

Samuel: Alright, in the back you may try a gun. Come back when you have decided if you…

Dr.Stingy Bee: I want it NOW! I don't need to test it. Give me that gun!

Samuel: That gun will be $150.00.

Dr.Stingy Bee: (Pays the money and leaves) If this gun won't work, I will have no choice but to use THE POWER OF THE STINGER… on you!

(Edgar shows in this scene ready to find Jamul Samus)
Edgar: It's YOU!!

Dr.Stingy Bee: Professor Edgar!!?

Edgar: Yes. It has been a very long time Stingy; you have been in my way for quite some time. I am off to find me a treasure even you could not get.

Dr.Stingy Bee: Treasure like money?

Edgar: Yep. $500,000.00!
Dr.Stingy Bee: MONEY!!! Five Hundred THOUSAND!!?

Edgar: Of course, I ain't telling you.

Dr.Stingy Bee: RGG. That money will be mine anyways!

Edgar: See ya, you stingy, Stingy (Flies away)

(Buzzy is hiding behind a rock watching someone ready to die, but it is too late)

Buzzy: Oh No! The guy died. I was too late.

Dr.Stingy Bee: AND YOU ARE TOO BUZZY(Holding gun to Buzzy's head)

Buzzy: So you decided to threaten me with weapons now. All should know THE POWER OF THE…

Dr.Stingy Bee: SHUT UP! That name makes me raging mad!
Buzzy: So what now Stingy?

Dr.Stingy Bee: Follow me…

(At 50 miles)
Dr.Stingy Bee: Here we are. 50 miles from any town.

Buzzy: You're planning on leaving me here.

Dr.Stingy Bee: I rather see you suffer out here in the hot, like when I did. Don't worry; I brought water, for me and not you of course. Bwhahaha!!!!! Bwhahaha!!! Looks like I win for once Buzzy!

(10 miles later)
Dr.Stingy Bee: Getting tired Buzzy? It's only 40 more miles away. Bwhahaha!!!!
(Another 10 miles later)
Buzzy: Ugg. I cannot make it. I am doomed.
Dr.Stingy Bee: (Drinking his water) Look Buzzy! Water! Here (Pours it on his head).
Dr.Stingy Bee: Hey!! You stopped. You just gonna lie there or keep moving? Okay (Notices a man is lying on ground). What the. What is a man doing out in the middle of nowhere? Hello. My name is Stingy. What's yours?

Jamul: My name…. Is… Jamul. I was taken out here and left in the middle of nowhere and could not get up. I need water. I will give you the location of $500,000.00 if you give me water…

Dr.Stingy Bee: Wait. Five hundred thousand?  So Edgar WAS right. Where is this money!!!

Jamul: Ugg. I'm dying. Water…

Dr.Stingy Bee: I will get you water. Just tell me where the money is.

Jamul: At Camano Range Graveyard.

Dr.Stingy Bee: Which grave!!??

Jamul: Please… water.
Dr.Stingy Bee: Alright. I will get you some water(Goes to get water, comes back and he is next to Buzzy) AGGG! Get away!

Dr.Stingy Bee: Jamul! JAMUL! He's dead. HE'S DEAD! BUZZY! I WILL KILL YOU NOW! But wait. He gave you the name of the grave. Oh no. Don't die Buzzy. I will give you water. Please just don't die.

Scene 5: A Turn in the Story

(Buzzy's life is saved)

Tannie: Buzzy! Wake up. You almost died.

Deputy Shylow: Wow. I am very surprised Stingy saved YOU!

Tannie: Yea. And after all you did to…

Buzzy: Do you get it guys. He saved me because of the grave to $500,000.00. I need to reach it before Stingy does and before anyone else does.

Deputy Shylow: What a scene Buzzy! General Curt said he wanted you. He said you're a… WHAT!!!

Tannie: What is it Deputy? YOU AND STINGY ARE PRISONERS OF WAR! "If this message does not get received and you do not come to camp, you will be sentenced to death by me and Commander Lander?" Buzzy. You must attend.

Buzzy: I need to go.

Dr.Stingy Bee: We are prisoners of war Buzzy. You should of never
rescued me so many times.

Buzzy: That cannot be because we are here because…

Edgar: HUP 2 HUP 2 MEN! I want to see you work! So you showed up Stingy.

Buzzy: Wait. You are not General Curt. You… are… YOUR ARE THE ROBBER OF National WC!

Dr.Stingy Bee: Edgar! How. Why are we prisoners?

Buzzy: Wait a second. You know each other?

Edgar: Of course. And the funny thing is my friend… We are COUSINS! We hate each other and that won't ever be changed.

Edgar:  Now tell me whose grave the money is in!!?

Dr.Stingy Bee: NEVER!

Edgar: (Takes out gun) now do you want to tell me?

Dr.Stingy Bee: No… but I guess I have no choice but to tell you now. Buzzy told me it is…

Buzzy: NO! You can't tell him.

Dr.Stingy Bee: Carl James!

Edgar: Carl James?

(Outside of Prison)
Buzzy: We are free, but now you told him which grave and he will get the money.

Dr.Stingy Bee: Not if we get it first.

General Curt: My goodness. Who took over my camp?

Buzzy: General Curt. Professor Edgar did.

Commander Lander: Edgar. He shall burn in ashes one day for what he has done. We are at war.

Buzzy: War?

General Curt: Happened many years ago…

Dr.Stingy Bee: Blah Blah Blah enough with the history. I came here for something way more important than a stupid history les…
(Then, Bombs were dropped on them and Commander Lander was hurt. Stingy ran, and Buzzy stayed.)

Buzzy : Commander Lander! You're hurt.

Commander Lander: General Grant. Attack them at once (Then Buzzy notices there people carrying hurt people on cardboard boxes to safety which gave Buzzy an idea)

Buzzy: You save yourself and win this battle.

(As war goes on, Buzzy takes a cardboard box under the bridge, takes a bomb and blows the bridge)

Buzzy: That should do it, this battle is over.
Hey. Where is Dr.Stingy Bee?

Scene 6: The Final Stingdown

(This scene is the last battle between The Good, The Bad, and The Stingy.)

Dr.Stingy Bee: Oh my, Camano Range Graveyard!!! Now I got to find that grave (Stingy walks in and starts searching. No luck. He looks all over now. He runs in frenzy. He can't find it there are so many graves. He runs. Grave to grave to grave. Until finally he sees Carl James's grave.)

Dr.Stingy Bee: Yes. Yes. The money is mine (Stingy starts digging and then Buzzy comes)

Buzzy: So you found the grave… Here Use it to dig.

Dr.Stingy Bee: (Takes the mini shovel and digs more, but finally, the bad shows up and throws a big shovel at Stingy. Stingy and Buzzy turn around to see it is Professor Edgar.)

Edgar: Hehe. You know, there are two different kinds of bees. Bees that thrive… and bees that dig. Now dig (While Stingy is digging, Buzzy is not) You ain't digging!

Buzzy: Yea. I choose to let Stingy dig instead. And sorry to burst your bubble but… There is nothing here.

Dr.Stingy Bee; (Very angry, he loses it) CURSE YOU BUZZY! YOU LIED!

Buzzy: You thought I would trust you?

Edgar: Well. As disappointed as you are Stingy, there IS money here.

Buzzy: I know the real name. I will right it here on this stone.
(This is where the showdown begins. Dr.Stingy Bee vs. Professor Edgar vs. Buzzy, a contest who can pull their weapon out first. A true final Stingdown! As they get ready to fire, Buzzy stings Edgar to half death, then again. Stingy trying to shoot Buzzy, notices he is out of ammunition. )

Dr. Stingy Bee: What. I am out of ammunition.

Buzzy: That's right. I was going to take it but it looks like you just forgot to put it in. When was the last time you used that gun?

Dr.Stingy Bee: I… never used it.

Buzzy: Good thing too. Maybe you are not such an evil villain after all. You are more of a stingy villain. I think I know why you are called Stingy.

Dr.Stingy Bee: I am very stingy right now. Now what was on that stone anyways?

Buzzy: See for yourself (Stingy looks at it. It is blank)

Dr. Stingy Bee: It's blank. Nothing.

Buzzy: See the grave with nothing on it. I think you understand now. That is the grave with the money. Now dig.
Dr.Stingy Bee: Ha-ha! It's ours. Buzzy. It's ours.

Buzzy: I don't think so. You got this far, and now it's time I got my revenge. (Buzzy ties him up to a gun pointing right at him and if he moves, he is shot)

Buzzy: Now don't move, and you are fine. Bye.

Dr.Stingy Bee: WAIT!
(Keeps yelling BUZZY as Buzzy leaves, Buzzy leaves with the money, and Stingy finally moves, but nothing happens. He forgot there was no ammunition in the gun. So Dr.Stingy Bee escapes, but he did not get any money. This was the story of "The Good, The Bad, and of course The Stingy")
Dr.Stingy Bee: Wait! Buzzy!
(Shows title "The Good" on Buzzy, "The Bad" on dead Edgar, and finally "The Stingy" on Dr.Stingy Bee.)


Written by:       Ben Avchen


Soon the world will be ruled by bees... Hopely not stingy bees. Har Har. :P
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Hello Everyone. :3

I am BuzzNBen. I joined Deviant art so I can post some art if I were to ever make a cool drawing, sketch, on my spare time.
I will try to even post some of my writings, or journals if I can. I would love to share. :3

Soon enough, the world will be ruled by bees. >:3