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We've made this group to prevent other members from claiming to be the official Buzzly-art group. We are currently not active here, if you have any questions or require assistance please check us out at! <3
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Username-91 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I don’t know what’s going on BA, but in the last several days, two more users have blocked me. Small update about the second mentioned user. She told me it was a dumb bug, and it’s not the first time as something like that happens. However, it made me feel uncomfortable because of what happened to me. It’s like I’m guilty and indebted to something I didn’t do. :X It made me feel like a criminal, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced this. :grump:
Mathemagic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
At the time of writing, BuzzlyArt is only 75 days young.

In that brief timespan, it has managed to accomplish admittedly-impressive site-related feats.

These achievements - conducive as they are to the holistic success of the endeavor - are upset by a sick, sordid parallel worthy of the Hall of Shame.
An ilk of twisted, dark Doppelgänger.

Well... it's worse than that.

At not even 3 months of age, BuzzlyArt decided to reach the level of 🥋blackbelt🥋 in rousing the anger of many unlistened members and crippling the self-esteem of another by group-bullying them toward cogitating suicide.

That's right.


In my notes, I have an exact timestamp (2021NOV06@12;30.32.3901597) related to this event.

I was there.
I witnessed it firsthand.

The white knight paladins of "head admin" sauronsarrynn (also known as disaster or volatus over at Discord and BuzzlyArt) had neither qualm nor scruple in their harassment toward VixenDra - all founded on malice of intentional misunderstanding/mischaracterization of her artwork, habits, and stance. The abusers literally accused VixenDra of having issues and needing mental help for "bestiality". sarrynn did nothing to stop them. Even after ample explanation, it did not desist. Far be it from apologizing, sarrynn saw this momentum as a sign to pile on the insults and "thank" her white knights for their service in these conversations:

The screenshot is drawn out, but the insults are nearer to the bottom, with sarrynn thanking her white knight paladins around the one-third mark. It's worth noting too that one of BuzzlyArt's founders, vaymutt, wholly approved of the abuse by sarrynn and the others. vaymutt's comment can be seen around the one-third mark as well.

At this point, the sincerity of any apology would be nullified by sarrynn's consistent apathy.

By the way... it ought to be clarified that these conversations took place in Buzzly-Art's original dA group, which heartlessly perished at the bloodstained hands of the BuzzlyArt administration (and not - contrary to some unfounded rumours - the doing of DeviantArt's administration). This explains why the actual conversations are absent, and why I resorted to using a screenshot as my only available venue towards proof. Doesn't it speak 🗣️🔈🔉🔊VOLUMES of the administrators' suspicious intentions that they would take the liberty to erase evidence of their misdeeds? (😁 Shameless Plug: Y'all need to check out the Fertile Land of Milk and Honey that is 🐄🥛CreativeBees🍯🐝~:iconcreative-bees: - the closest thing to an Official Fanmade BuzzlyArt Group... in contrast to this decrepit, wartorn, barren landscape...)

VixenDra said herself that her experience at BA only worsened her already-suicidal state of mind.

Congratulations, BuzzlyArt Staff. 👏😒
You nearly 'helped' increment this awful statistic.

I advise severe caution.
Crimes exist which are punishable beyond national borders.
One that comes to mind is sex tourism where pedophiles - thinking they are safe in carrying out their sins in poorer countries rife with underage prostitutes - are oft prosecuted upon return or even extradited back home to accelerate the process.

I do not know the international laws concerning suiciding someone (i.e. pushing them to suicide), but it is not beyond imagining that enough teamwork between police forces of said respective countries can bring justice to the victim no matter where they come from.

I do know that sarrynn and vaymutt reside in the USA where people are criminally prosecuted for causing victims to commit suicide. Members have already sent reports to the admins about this which have fallen on deaf ears ... cast aside as mere "jokes" by staff members themselves.

🚨⚠️ Let this be a WARNING. The legal authorities do NOT joke with suicides. BuzzlyArt and its CEO PokeMutt will suffer severe consequences and legal repercussions if an innocent human life is lost due to bullying and neglect. ⚠️🚨
PokeMutt Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! I'll take a moment to address your claims as they are serious. Pardon my English, as it is not my primary language, I apologize if things are not worded as they should be. Nowhere in this image does Sarryn instigate VixenDra to commit suicide. It would be inconcievable for us to allow such a member to continue to be part of our staff team.

Our reason for deleting the group are multiple, and I've shared this with multiple members who have come asking me the reason for deletion. One of the reasons was due to some members targetting and creating a toxic environment within the comments section, which is something we did not want to promote. The comment thread with VixenDra is a good example of one of these instances. I do not agree with the way it was handled by our staff member, comments targetting / harrassing VixenDra for their views should have absolutely been dealt with and removed. We've been working to implement strict staff guidelines to ensure staff follows our protocols and are continuously working to improve how we deal with user reports.

Another reason for deletion was because of time, a very limited resource that we're using to focus on site moderation. As our DeviantArt group was slowing down and our site members continued to grow we simply couldnt continue to moderate it. We're currently sitting at almost 15K members, which gives us alot of work. We did not want members to continue harrassing other members in our comments section when we couldnt afford to moderate anymore. DeviantArt unfortunately had already deleted a huge amount of our blogs when the group was marked as spam, which just aided in the process of closing it down altogether.

As for staff members casting user reports as jokes, I am unsure of the origin for this claim. If it is in regards to what was written on our news blog back in november:…, the reason behind this announcement was exactly because of "joke reports". We've had members reporting their friends for very silly/non report worthy reasons just to get a kick out of it. This was causing issues with staff, as we depend on user reports to ensure that we can deal with issues quickly. If you have more evidence to these claims, please email me at so I can investigate this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my response, I apologize for the length of my comment.
Lyris1075 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey, Red. As another witness, I can confirm that @Mathemagic is right. I wrote a report with my friend back in November about how Sarrynn/Disaster allowed and encouraged harassment towards the former bee, VixenDra. I sent the report to VayMutt in a direct message on Discord. I explained that PoeticEden called VixenDra's art "That shit". VayMutt saw how Sarrynn/Disaster did nothing to stop the bullies from falsely accusing VixenDra of zoophilia/bestiality. Sarrynn/Disaster did not even command them to stop, so she allowed this cyberbullying. Even if VixenDra caused trouble, I told VayMutt it would've been better for Sarrynn/Disaster to encourage all current bees to be on their best, polite behaviors.
VayMutt dismissed everything I said. Here are some specific things that VayMutt told me in my conversation with her. VayMutt's quotes are in red bullet points:
:bulletred: "to me it feels like personal attacks on my mod and skewing what theyve said. I dont know what you or brotherly have against them but they have done their best to keep the peace and display the values we have at buzzly."
First off, does Vay honestly mean to say there is no difference between "reports", which can help the website, and "attacks", which she is claiming said reports are? How about "tattling" and "telling"? I had very valid criticisms in my report.
:bulletred: "we have told vixen numerous times we werent changing our policy and they have continued to be outspoken about their feelings regarding it"
:bulletred: "I dont understand how theyre misbehaving"
By literally encouraging breaking rules set by both DeviantART and BuzzlyArt: Harassment falls under Prohibited Commentary at; Section 3. ACCESS v. at prohibits engaging in harmful or otherwise demeaning behaviors. Section 3. ACCESS ix. prohibits harassing or threatening other members. Section 3. ACCESS x. prohibits encouraging self harm to other members. According to section 7. ENFORCEMENT 7.2, violating points v, ix, and x results in a level 4 strike or a permanent ban. Sarrynn/Disaster is a head admin, community manager, and leader of the staff members. That is a mighty high position for someone who allows others to be abusive bullies to an innocent victim without apology. Yet Sarrynn/Disaster is STILL a highly ranked admin! There is NO point in your rules if they can be broken by the administrative leader herself!
:bulletred: "Im sorry my mod seems to bother you but I'm not talking about it anymore. As far as I've seen they've handled things properly, they're a human being just like you and will respect you as long as you respect them regardless of the site."
My conversation with VayMutt took place in direct messages on Discord. Shortly afterward, Sarrynn/Disaster called the ENTIRE report silly. My friend and I are very angry and hurt about this.
Sarrynn/Disaster encouraged a mob of abusers to pile on their insults and false accusations of zoophilia/bestiality to an innocent human who is now near suicide. This makes VixenDra the REAL victim. Sarrynn/Disaster is NOT innocent, and it's even worse that her superior, VayMutt, fully defended her! VayMutt even called it the VALUES of BuzzlyArt! This proved to me back in November that the amount of corruption goes all the way to the top of BuzzlyArt's administration. Just like Mathemagic, I witnessed the abuse. Any good company would've fired Sarrynn/Disaster for violating business ethics. We also STILL have not gotten apologies from VayMutt or Sarrynn/Disaster, which shows they do not care or understand the pain they have caused. Think about my words. Get rid of Sarrynn/Disaster from your administration team if you don't want your company to go down in a legal disaster (pun intended).
As much as I would wish not to be so uncivil, I am no longer satisfied with you just talking to Sarrynn/Disaster and her high-position supporters, including Vay; I want something to be done about them. Preferably sooner rather than later.
Mathemagic Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Gracias por su respuesta.

BuzzlyArt's CEO.
A reply from the man himself.

First, I never claimed that sarrynn directly instigated VixenDra to commit suicide. sarrynn's involvement should nevertheless still be considered. If VixenDra had committed suicide, sarrynn's past behavior up until now suggests she would have found every excuse in the World to dissociate herself from events leading up to it which she knowingly took part in.

That's the difference.

The truth is several people ganged up on VixenDra to falsely accuse her of bestiality:
"You literally draw bestiality. That sh*t is the main reason I'm leaving deviantart. I joined to share in my love of actual artwork, not to jerk it to furry porn. Don't like the policy? Stay on DA."
- PoeticEden
"You have issues, dude. There are no animals with human intelligence in real life (with exceptions to maybe dolphins), has zero to do with racism. Racism doesn't even apply to anything outside of humans. They just don't want people on their website drawing porn of my little pony or sparkle dogs, it's not that deep. There is no such thing as a "quadruped person". You're implying you want to get it on with Donkey from Shrek, what the hell. Am I glad they have these rules so people like you don't actually upload their weird stuff on there. Please seek mental help."[sic]
- iokaree
"Geez this dude has issues. I do hope they get help as well trying to say humans are animals too.. SURE but humans have intelligence and there lies the difference. We know it´s wrong."[sic]
- S***posting
For proof, see

PoeticEden? Directly accuses VixenDra of bestiality.
iokaree and S***posting? They said she has issues.
iokaree piled on by adding she needs "mental help".

sarrynn did not reprimand them as is expected of a "head admin". Instead, she was thankful to these abusers. Usually, when people agree, they show hints of support. sarrynn showed no sign of disagreeing with them.

Now to address your point about you being unsure of staff members casting user reports as jokes. I am fully aware of what you are talking about. It is not the full story, and you should know that.

BrotherlyFluff and Lyris took the time to write a report detailing the sins of sarrynn to her superior, vaymutt, in November. vaymutt entirely rejected it on the grounds it was "abusing" the report system.
I am referring to THAT report - not the joke reports you keep citing.
sarrynn literally accused Fluff's & Lyris' ENTIRE report of being "silly" in a private conversation with Fluff. Here is your proof of what sarrynn said at

Therefore, this SERIOUS report was intentionally mixed in with joke reports to further delay addressing.

It will not work.
Treat each case as it is.

On the exact same day that sarrynn insulted that report as "silly", she posted #9 - Buzzly Patch Notes - 2021.11.10 about "Misusing or Abusing the Enforcement System".


sarrynn was INCLUDING Fluff's and Lyris's report in that news blog.
Thus, those who self-reported or reported friends were joking.
This report was NOT JOKING.

Deberías saber absolutamente esto ahora porque BrotherlyFluff te lo ha dicho repetidamente en diciembre-enero en Discord.
She sent you detailed reports about it that still await replies.
BrotherlyFluff is deeply hurt as well. sarrynn accusing her and her friend's entire report of being silly is one thing, but your own indifferent confusion only adds salt to the wounds. She deserves a proper response from you.

I guarantee this does NOT inspire trust in your company.
The public deserves to know.
This cannot be hidden.
It cannot be censored.
It will always find the light of day until resolved.

You have given us one of your more personal emails...
This is a first step towards winning back the public's trust.

Will you finally take VixenDra's plight and BrotherlyFluff's reports seriously if you receive reports about this at

For months, you've been casually defending sarrynn's sins. You would do well to really digest the pain her actions actually did cause. Look at what VixenDra has been saying:

"Why should I do anything that might help individuals who only hurt me and contributed to ruining my mental health? I need to get over my near suicidal state and not increase my skyrocketting social and related anxiety, not have it all re-triggered and building up, please."[sic]
- VixenDra
Her social anxiety peaked to its highest with what happened at BuzzlyArt...
"My already chipped worldview regarding humanity has shattered and my social anxiety never got near that high before, but I have someone to live for and I have strong executive disfunction which will protect my life, but the mental harm is done. I don't think I'll forgive BA, the wound is too deep."[sic]
- VixenDra
A panic attack took hold of her...
"BA's and that other crappy website's approach is dangerous and can lead to suicide and I mean it. If I was single, I'd be super close to actually doing it in all my current instability. I had serious depression this fall, don't reheat and add to the pain, for goodness sake, I asked for this several times by now, and since you knew my username and summoned me regardless, I must assume you're deliberately trying to cause harm and make innocent people kill themselves for being accused on crime and paraphilia they have nothing to do with and are themselves disgusted by and for seeing how many people must assume the worst of them!"[sic]
You'll even note in the above that she goes beyond thinking of just herself because she mentioned innocent people overall.
"This is like playing fire over a gasoline, you set a vicious fire that may get someone killed:/"[sic]
- VixenDra
And before you think to use the clever excuse that VixenDra herself insists on dissociating herself from this case altogether, you should instead think of ways to have sarrynn and vaymutt approach her with sincere apology - seeing as how they were intimate causes of her suffering.

We don't have the real power to fix this.
You do.

You guys had the perfect chance, Raúl.
VixenDra was outspoken about her pain in comments in the original Buzzly-Art group.
No admin came to comfort her.

Several people told sarrynn about the harm she caused, but she always defends herself, and says their accusations are silly. She refuses to understand the severe pain she has caused. It's well over 2 months now, yet sarrynn and vaymutt have never apologized for allowing members to gang up and abuse VixenDra to near suicide.

Those two have remained silent about the issue.
Forget unprofessional at this point.
It is cruel.

It is inconceivable for you to allow sarrynn to continue to be part of your staff team.
In a reputable and moral company, sarrynn would've been fired back in November for allowing abusers to emotionally ruin a victim's health to the point of near suicide.
The only reason you keep her is because she's a close friend of your girlfriend.
Deleting your original dA group does NOT erase the pain and suffering that your staff members caused on an innocent victim.

The way to handle this is by firing staff members and admitting new ones - not making empty promise after empty promise.

I am not the only one.
Other members have laboriously explained this over and over since November.
You must listen to them. Victims could file complaints or lawsuits against your company, Black Engine Technologies, for wrongful accusations of bestiality.

If VixenDra really does commit suicide, sarrynn and vaymutt can be criminally prosecuted for murder or manslaughter.

You won't be able to defend them any longer in a tribunal.

Sincera gracias igualmente Señor Sabag si realmente has llegado hasta aquí en mi mensaje.
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