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ID 8392 by BallatorDesignAdmin

ID: 8392
Name: Kōgō (Kougou)
Meaning: Empress 

Type: Ancient x Modern (50/50) Asiatic
Sex: Mare
Phenotype: Pangare black chestnut dun sunset gold/bronze poecilia (mosaic/solid) with ombre, bicolor horns, Felix, and Saber (carries pearl, clownfish, frosted appaloosa, carey, and calva) with Afghan Mane Mutation and Lacing
Genotype: ee aa nprl nP nD nOm nLp(frost) nClt nCry nPc nCal nSn nBi
Horn HEX: f1983a


Stubborn | Prideful | Commanding | Brave | Aggressive | Manipulative 

Kōgō knows what she wants, and will let nothing stop her from getting it; she has a way with words and often manages to twist anyone's mind to her will.
Her manipulation and aggression was somewhat harmless as a young foal, but her parents 8456 Icarus  and 8455 Apollo have begun to notice worrying behaviour in her interactions with others as she has grown.

She has a soft spot for her twin brother 8393 Momo, and will protect him with her life.

Kōgō is a devout follower of Ares, she admires her power and determination and aspires to be like her in every way; she will not tolerate any who speak badly of her highlordess and scorns those who follow Hannibal. She was introduced to Ares by her father Apollo, but unfortunately could not convince Momo to follow Ares as well, as he took to Aether's more gentle teachings from Icarus.

After being reunited with her older sister 6466 | Androphonos Kōgō is more determined than ever to prove herself , not only to Phonoi but to Ares, who her older sister loves so much. she looks up to her sister for everything and hangs on to every word she says, in Kōgō's eyes, Phonoi can do no wrong.


Kōgō and her twin brother were captured by people when they were very young, and they were taken across the world on a giant metal ship. While they were waiting to be sold, they were rescued by two wild mountain stallions and followed them into an unfamiliar landscape; the stallions knew that they would not survive by themselves, and so agreed to look after them and teach them how to survive in a mountain environment. 

Despite the grumpy buckskin stallion saying that they couldn't stay with their herd forever, the subject of leaving still hasn't come up  - and Kōgō is beginning to like her small dysfunctional family a lot.

-Follower of Ares 

Kōgō as a foal:
Kogo Foal ref by Buzzbees


She likes to wear long hair extensions


Adopted Parents: 8456 Icarus  and 8455 Apollo
Twin Brother: 8393 Momo
Older Sister: 6466 | Androphonos

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Kogo |Stat Tracker 

2975.5 stats confirmed

Rookie Hunt Shield by EquusBallatorSociety Legendary Level Badge by EquusBallatorSociety

Gifts claimed


Solar Crown
Equus Ballator - BuzzBees 2 by Kxtt
Art by Kxtt


------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 6223
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ID 3144
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding Slots:
User | Mate | Foal

1. WolfCub1227 [Parent] | 
2.  Kxtt1855 Nael
6-19. CLOSED

Current Price: $17 w/ fullbody
Sale Journal: Equus Ballator Starter and High Stat Slot Sale

Breeding Rules:
-Parent slots required
- Baby must be given the option to be sold back to me or other parent owner before being sold to others
-no fertilitea or forbidden love allowed
-If possible I would like to design the foal, which I would do for free

Designer: Buzzbees
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Thank you! ;3; 
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She grew! And looks fierce af!

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Yesss she is ready to beat some Hannibal followers up! 
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Hell yeah you go Kogo!
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thats a lot of hair:o (Eek) 
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maybe she was born with it, maybe it is neighbelline
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aa thank you!me too oml
It's what she deserves 
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Most definitely~!

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She's so gorgeous. :iconinloveplz:
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She iss, the pertiest girl there ever was - thank you! <33
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Aw. :')
Of course. :heart:
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Look at this lil girl! I love her!!
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thank you <333
Isn't she a lovely little devil, I absolutely adore her ;^;
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Have u heard there is a thief on the loose, it's her, it's the queen, and she got my heart xD She's sO pretty pls give her kiss for me
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Aww lol thank you!
I shall give her all the kisses for you 
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