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Black and Blue Icons Add On 1

Mac OS X application icons such as Chess, GarageBand, Quick Time Player, Mail, Pages and Preview in black and blue colors.
© 2006 - 2021 Buzuk-Eugen
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what a good shot!
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Can I please use your cons to develop Themes for the new Samsung OS Bada?

Thanks and Best Regards
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These are wonderful!
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Thank you iam using some off these icons :)
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Выглядят отлично
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hey, i didnt know u made thee---i've been using them for a while, wow! (6 months) they're great!
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Sweat icon. i love them. Fav.+
ahhhh do you maybe have got them for win? :(

they look so nice, great job!
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Sweet Icons, very sleek and sexy!
amazing icons. can you do ones for Windows?
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this stuff is amazing, i love the guitar
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Beautiful icons!
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Again, these are amazing. =]
Really crisp, nice :)
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this icons are amazing, congrats dude!
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I love these icons so much but is there are chance you are going to do some more? Ones for like MSN Messenger, Safari, Firefox and stuff like that.
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Thank you,
Safari is already blue,
i think next icons will be non apple applications
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hm, yeah but its blue and silver not black but oh well :)
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Gorgeous icons, I love it ! :) :love:
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