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To begin, I should explain why I was leaving in the first place.

I was in a tough spot. I was struggling to balance drama including multiple good people that I ended up hurting and the death of my beloved pupper. I was overwhelmed and ended up hurting so many more than I realized. It was too much and I eventually contacted someone that told me straight that I had some self-work to do. That was when I realized a break would really do me good. And so I left.

In the short absence I was accepted into college that would help direct my life in the right direction. I knew that my character development and storytelling was really sloppy and this would help with that as time went on.


Then... RMcreeps, one of the coolest few friends I have alerted me of Scriptyless and their actions. I was still recovering from really confusing and conflicting emotions, but this sparked my anger and really hurt me. I was thoroughly pissed off that someone would repost my art while I was gone and when I had deleted it for a reason.

This person believed that because my gallery was empty, they could go ahead and repost. Now that is truly disrespectful and just disgusting to me.

My characters are a piece of me. Each reflect an emotion of myself or an experience.
Sometimes they represent a significant person in my life. But to have these PERSONAL things just reposted carelessly...

It hurt. It offended me. It angered me.
I was going to return while I attended school. I was sure of it, that after enough time had passed I would be back and better as an artist and a person.
Then I realized... why should I come back to a place where someone can just repost my life and my being as if it were nothing?
My hard work and effort. Some being history that I don't want to remember, being put out there by someone else. It's not okay.
Sure, it's partially my fault for not watermarking, but I would have expected a bit more respect.. just a bit.

If you want an artist to come back to a certain platform, don't repost their deleted artwork.
Instead support them. Note them something like,
"Hey! I'm really sorry to see you go, but I just wanted to know that you are a HUGE inspiration to me and that I would appreciate it if I could be able to follow you anywhere else? Or maybe even see you come back some time! I wish you all the best <3"
Ya know?


Now, will I ever come back? I don't know. Right now that's very iffy.
I'm fairly paranoid that someone would go out of their way to specifically target me. I see art thieves all the time, but it's usually targeting multiple people not just one. And most certainly not just me. I'm very worried and now really cautious. I may be overreacting but because I took this really personal, I see to it as necessary. I may never come back, or maybe I will. But definitely not anytime soon.

Goodbye y'all!

PS: If the actual user of Scriptyless wants to speak up, feel free to note me. I won't be mad or raging, but I would like to have a genuine conversation with you on your main account