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My Bio

Hello, my name is Fritz Pierbaumer, Buvium!

(My real name is Friedrich Pierbaumer).

I like imagination and fiction - I'm a storyteller who draw, create mainly digital pictures and I write in English and German Language stories, poetry and experimental stuff.

I illustrate my imagines I, design in these texts the characters and their stories.

Faith in Christ and God, Jehovah, is an honest concern of mine and I take my behavior and the contents of the Bible seriously.

That is why love to humans and love of God are central goals on which I work. All life is to love.

That includes honesty, it means that I speak openly about all of this, encourage people.

I like entertainment arts and different media. Since I still have a lot to do, as an author and basically creative I will use different software to also design games, create animations and a lot of experiments with my whimsical and surreal ideas.

Another part of my art is romantic, poetic and atmospheric. I love sensitive scenes in stories in which you can see the fine traits of well-designed characters as if the plot of the story were bigger than everyday life. True Love, immortal Friendship, or facing the ways beyond Life and death, when someone sends an intimate and personal pray to God - this is the dramatic I'm searching for in real Life and in fiction, this is how I want to feel.

I create characters who have to discover themselves, longing for Love, eternal Life, Glory, Wisdom, Freedom, Power to live their Life how they realized that it's right.

It is difficult for me to be satisfied. This is especially true of what I create, do, say or think.

Self-criticism helps me in some things, but it is better to keep the goodness of God in mind and try to develop a well-balanced tolerance.

I am pursuing many interests in the light of a higher meaning:

I like technology, the originality of mankind, some kinds of fiction, the true word of the Bible, I can interest me for science, play wonderful video games with a strong story, explore the nature of the mind, consider philosophies as interesting conversation - games in which you can simulate situations like by playing chess - discussed theories, the content of which I do not take seriously in real life because I have already my faith.

I'm on the trail of life.

I cross the border to create dreamlike settings.

I think it's a world between everyday life and existential experiences in fictional dramas and adventures.

For me, art is a source of long-lasting youth, but I am growing up and want to live with a consciousness

that takes away my fear of impermanence.

What ever: I recommend that you seriously consider the higher meaning of existence.



(Die beiden Versionen unterscheidet sich wortwörtlich gesehen deutlich. Vom Sinn her sind es kompatible Texte).

Hallo ich bin Friedrich (Fritz) Pierbaumer - "Buvium"

Ich bin ein Hobby - Künstler.

Fantasie und Fiktion sind mir sehr wichtig. Ich ziehe den Inhalt meiner Werke aus geistigen Träumereien aber auch aus der realen Welt, so wie mein Inneres auch auf diese Realität reagiert.

Ich hole Bildkompositionen, Settings, Charaktere und Geschichten aus einer Ebene, wo Geist und Traum ineinander übergehen, in denen ich mich einerseits wohlfühlen würde, andererseits braucht man für meine Fantasiewelt aber eine andere Psychologie, die mit dramatischen und extrem emotionalen Ereignissen umgehen kann.

Ich schreibe Geschichten und Gedichte, zeichne vorwiegend digital, verwende aber auch Papier, Bleistift, diverse Fineliner, Copic Marker. Andere Stile reizen mich zum Experimentieren.

Bevorzugte Genres von mir sind:

High Fantasy, psychologisch - philosophische Fantasie, "psychedelic Dream - Punk", Märchen, Cyber - Punk/Gothic, Surrealismus und einige Cross-over Konzepte.

Abenteuer, Dramen und Romanzen sind grundlegende Stile, derer ich mich bediene.

Faszination, Leidenschaft und Obsessionen entwickelte ich für: Vielfältige Arten der Ästhetik, Kreativität, kollektives Bewusstsein, Fiktion, Spiele, Technologien, Unterhaltungsmedien, Subkulturen, Pop - Kultur, Philosophien, Geschichten übers Leben hinaus.

Liebe und Glaube sind das Zentrum allen Seins.

Ich habe noch lange nicht alles verwirklicht, was ich geplant habe. Es kommen ja täglich Inspirationen dazu. Da ich hyperaktiv Eigenschaften habe, entspanne ich mich im Tun und nicht im Ruhen.

Zeichnen, Bilderstellung, Storytelling, Poesie (bald auch illustrierte Texte und Comics), Charakterdesign, Welten erfinden, sind Betätigungen womit ich im Grunde gerade erst in den letzten Jahren begonnen habe.

Ich will Leser und Betrachter unterhalten, selbst unterhalten werden.

Es ist sehr interessant zu betrachten, wie oft traumartige Dramen uns Menschen heranreifen lassen, uns in einem denkenden und fühlenden Kollektiv miteinander verbinden. Dabei bleibt das Kollektiv flexibel und dynamisch als wäre es ein Körper und ein Geist, eine in Bewegung befindliche Ordnung. Wichtig dafür ist es, den absoluten Frieden zu finden. Darauf läuft es schließlich auch hinaus.

Ich persönlich glaube an den Wandel dieser Welt, wie er nur von Gott geplant und herbeigeführt werden kann und besinne mich auf dessen Sohn Jesus Christus, der die Verantwortung dafür bekommen hat. Auch deswegen arbeite ich ernsthaft an meiner Persönlichkeit und an meinen Überzeugungen, da ich Hoffnung brauche, geben will und fortwährend danach suche.


Favourite Visual Artist
Comic/ Manga Artists, Suda51, Ian McQue, Final Fantasy Designer, Dali
Favourite Movies
Trainspotting, Star Wars (...), Lost in Translation, Leben des Brain, Die Verurteilten, Watchman ...
Favourite TV Shows
Animes: Visions of Escaflowne, Pandora Hearts, Psychopass; Love, Death & Robots, Twin Peaks, The Big Bang Theorie (it´s harmless if yo see the hidden messages)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Electronic melodic chill, Emery, Kamelot, Soundrack of the NieR Games, Björk, Melodic Core from the good old 90ies
Favourite Books
Of course: The Bibel; Comics and Mangas: Sandman, Time Spirits, Vampire Hunter D, Pandora Hearts, Dimension W, The Stigma, Artbooks
Favourite Games
JRPGs: Final Fantasy (7-13, Tactics), NieR Replicant, NieR Automata, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean 4, Xeno Blade Chronicles ..., Darksiders, Remember Me, Bio Shock 1, 2, Infinite
Favourite Gaming Platform
Play Station 2, 3, 4, X - Box 360, Nintendo DS, 3 DS, PSP, PC (Steam)
Tools of the Trade
A Big PC, Cintiq 22HD, Microsoft Surface pro 7, Clip Studio Paint EX, Photoshop, Affinity Designer/Photo, Leonardo, Sketch Book pro, Painter, Copic Markers
I haven't made an entry for a long time, but I want to do so now because I want to say something about a certain topic, and actually have to say something. I also want to relate art itself and my activities as an author and draftsman to it. Well, I am a believer, a Christian, and stand by whatever consequences that may have. In my works you don't see it as clearly as I say here, which also has a reason that I've been thinking about for years and, to be honest, real inner struggles about what to post or create at all. With the stories I write and the pictures I draw, I cannot guarantee that everything in it is 100% in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, although I would if I were able to. I am an artist who makes pop art, writes stories that take place in worlds that do not exist, in which I describe things, that do not exist, and my characters are just at the beginning of an honest path. They are not typical role models, but they are examples of people who first get to know
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I have been translating post-apocalypse into English for some time. The dramatic end-time adventure is currently on episode 8 - 'From Love and War'. It continues every three to four days. The German version is not completely identical in terms of content. This version has been finished in my gallery for months. Zur Erinnerung an diese Geschichte von mir, die mir sehr am Herzen liegt: Vor etwa einem Jahr schrieb ich die Serie 'Postapokalypse'. Darin sucht ein nicht alternder Krieger den Sinn seines Daseins und dem der atmosphärischen, von Ruinen übersäte Welt im Zwielicht. Kilometerhohe Türme ragen bis in die Weiten hinaus. Sie symbolisieren gewaltige Sinnlosigkeit vergeudeten Strebens. Die Endzeit - Geschichte ist in kompakten Episoden eingängig formuliert, zugleich findet man Tiefgang und Sensibilität darin. Fantasy, postapokalyptisch, Abenteuer, melancholisches Drama, ein bizarrer Trip durch eine zerstörte Welt, raue, poetische Stimmungen.
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Images and Storytelling

Come on, read my thoughts and ideas on pictures that rose from the depth of my imagination to entertain you in a dreamlike way!

The texts are here always above the pictures!!!

I'm in the process of developing a story about a huge, once utopian city that perished.

(But I want to change a part of the plot for certain reasons).

Well, now only thousands of people live in this huge metropolis, which once had 200,000,000 inhabitants.

Something unknown had happened and now

since Oudrim was a descendant of a surviving bloodline several decades after the catastrophe, a heartfelt yearning for him began.

A young woman appeared to him one day, but she was somewhere in "Rave" (that's how the metropolis was called), far removed from the young protagonist. She called him.

He began to feel something deeply, soon decided to leave. It´s a story about longing, love, dreams, surreal and psychedelic fantasies and the decadence of a progressive mankind, their fall and their bizarre .legacy.

Rave: The Fallen Olympus of Mankind

Science fiction with dreamlike fantasy ... I call it "psychedelic Dream - Punk".

Imagination, illusions, drama and emotions are the foundation of my pictures and tales, including those stories that I add to the pictures in the description. They are important to understand everything in its entirety.

So I invented and explain the Dream Ocean,

which is a medium between all stories and worlds in which the fantasy, longing, dreams, ideas and wishes of all characters have their origin.

The Dream Ocean is an independent plane of existence that intervenes in reality but also in fiction. Even I am moved by this Dream.

Turning Point is coming

A deep slumber fell over Harlekim. He had been to the Dream Ocean many times. But this time he found himself in complete clarity in a distant place, in a space that alone had no place in the third dimension. The plains of the Dream Ocean are towers of clouds in the storm above the whisper of the small flowers on the ground.

Harlekim s Traumozean

With all these ideas and stories, I came up with a port, which I noted and sketched on a side note on paper.

The port where dreamers arrive and rest.

Ports can look very different ;)

The people who live in that wondrous place convey the dreams and ideas of all creatures here,

to places where they are processed.

Harp workers transport ideas into a dream archive.

Sometimes I have the feeling to manage an archive of my imagination and to do this I develop characters who live through my ideas in stories. There they give my thoughts meaning and form. This is their life ...

Complex harbor in a dream

"A lot revolves around dreams.

But why?

Aren't dreams an exhausted topic?

No they are not. The word "dream" may be used often, but if one works with the meanings of it on a spiritual, fateful, but also fictional level, one finds a whole ocean of ideas and potential for realities.

The stories can be understood finely and profoundly. The interaction between artist, work and audience is a living flow of vitality, "said the gray natural spirit, whose imagination shines in colors, he teaches the people of a village.

Psychedelic Sprite Refreshment

I've already developed several characters for stories that are known from the archetype - at first. The mostly youthful and male characters are very different in their traits.

(I also have other important characters, in different styles).

Of course, I identify with them, even though I'm older than them.

But that's exactly why I know the different focuses of their inner nature and the directions in which character traits develop.

I work out the soul of my characters extensively.

Not every young person is like the other when you look into them.

Likewise, a cardboard-nose clown on acid could stand next to a smug old widow and come from different worlds ;)

This is Oudrim. The still immature youngster sees himself thrown into an extremely surreal situation in which he has to develop quickly so that he does not go mad.

Faith of Dream Ocean s Hero

You can see that there are different characters. They are important to me and I also see myself as a character designer.

This is an amazingly clever nature spirit with a family.

When you open the picture there is a short description of the work. It´s funny.

This is an older work.

Profrssor Dr. Schratt

Cartoons are diverse and crazy. I like gray cartoon worlds, in which stylized characters experience stories that have their depth.

I dream of the contrast of a gray - dusty soul that one day wakes up through the colors that are hidden in the heart and finds itself in its own world.

A reality between two sides emerges: colorful ideas and resignation.

It becomes the setting of a character who solves his personal problems through his imagination in a story full of great ideas.


I have an interesting perspective on broken romantic relationships and their tragedy. Much of it happened in my imagination and yet real experiences have moved my life to write poetry about it, they also play a role in my stories and sometimes in the images I create.

Here I tell (in the description of the work) a cryptic situation that deals with both: fiction and reality.

You can see in it how ugly the concept of romantic love can be if it doesn't work out or is misunderstood.

Colors of Past

Benjamin: He is one of two protagonists of "Aquarell - Blut in Tränen" is a story (German language) written in episodes, like the most of my tales.

Benjamin is left by his girlfriend Sanja. Of course he feels pain, that is, lovesickness. I use a range of behavior that is partly typical but I go deep into the emotional world of the brothers.

The core of the story is brotherly love.


the younger brother has to comfort Benjamin even though he fights against addiction and psychological suffering himself, which I portray quite authentically.

I heard emocore a lot when I was writing the story. This music simply inspires me because I understood some Emos back then and partly knew their attitude towards life.

Frederic has to assert himself against the "shadows" in his mind that I sometimes mention.

They symbolize the problems of the brothers.

It's an emotional and philosophical drama.

Benjamin is looking back in sadness

I spoke of the brief phenomenon "Emo". This scared bunny boy was inspired by it. He has a sword and a balloon with him and, despite his shyness, goes on adventures.

The work description says more.

I'll say something about style here: It's one of my dark cartoon worlds. There are serious stories in there

that I still have in my notes. The characters and settings are endowed with melancholy and a bizarre humor.

In general, I tend towards unconventional merging of genres and a typically poetic language that sometimes causes confusion.

Graveyard, a melancholy Rabbit, his Adventure

"Psychedelic Dream - Punk!" ... that is a term already mentioned, with which I mean my floating fantasies.

This is Oudrim again and a young woman we don´t know yet who she is. For the time being, I trimmed the story in which he appears as the protagonist back to small excerpts with pictures like this one, because there are too many parallels with concepts,

they I recently discovered elsewhere. I want to worke unique.

But that's how I reassessed my artistic situation. I looked for my strengths, topics, my personal style. The focus was on how strong reference to feelings, Faith, longing, atmospheric dream - scenarios, romantic adventures, existentialism, visions,

surrealism etc. These terms reflect to me an alternative to overcrowded genres, in which it is almost impossible to invent something completely new. The Dream - Punk is also something common. But there is far more space and freedom for your own path because there is a wide range between ... abstraction, poetry, visualization of philosophies and psychedelic fairy tales etc.

Monja, is it really you?

If you let this atmosphere work on you, it will reveal a lot about the Dream Ocean, dream punk and finally my person.

I am a lonely dreamer who interacts with his mind with creative flows in a silent and flowing place. This not only results in art, but also in identifying with oneself.

This being dreams. The dreams awaken to reality in other planes of existence and then float back into the fantasy, where it rises above reality and waits for those who need a place of refuge.

In the Dreamocean

This is Benjamin again. Melancholy and psychological dramas are part of my work. The characters' feelings are very finly woven, I create from everyday situations what it is for the person concerned: an existential event in which the course of life is realigned.

I put myself in my shoes and also work with my own memories.

Sanja has just left Benjamin. On this basis I created a prose chamber play in which only three characters play a role. It is an excerpt from the simple life of two brothers, in which the importance of everyday interpersonal love is shown.

Twilight Benjamin

That look says a lot. It contains longing, hope, a gentle daydream in which this young woman finds herself again being in love, perhaps in the distance, perhaps deep inside.

One can assume a utopian technology here,

a system that consists of ideas and omnipresent thoughts and therefore does not need any "hardware" apart from the brain and heart - the mind alone is sufficient.

It is in an order that moves out of the physical framework and flows into a dream-like existence,

that presupposes a moral and wisdom-filled maturity that we may not be able to imagine today. But we can play with imagination.

In her inner Ocean of Sanctuaries

At the beginning I really wanted to learn to draw comics. I was fascinated by Japanese pop art even before I read my first manga. Of course, I already knew comics.

My sister has an extensive art-book of most of Dali's works. As a result, surrealism was nothing new to me,

i searched in the www for modern styles of this and other genres.

I started drawing harmless surrealistic comic - like illustrations before I knew it. Soon it became part of my style.

This is Malvin van Lorent, who joined my idea of ​​my own comics as a character.

I haven't drawn a comic yet

, but there are numerous ideas waiting to be realized.

Weg in die Wolken

Awakened from the ground, found the other threshold to the light.

This character finds himself a moment after his death in a different place that is not apparent to the living in the present.

But since there is no perception of passing time in the grave, we fall asleep and awaken at the same moment in the future of this world. Yes, in death we look through a window to what will one day blossom and go in there.

Out of Grave

For me, this pencil drawing expresses a mood: departure into the fairy tale without looking back.

I usually rework drawings digitally. But here I did not feel the need.

So this picture describes how it is part of my preference regarding the atmosphere of the connection between cute and seriousness.

Nice and weird - sketch

He built a bridge in a dream. From there he could look at his love while dreaming, interact with her mind and speak without her being aware of it - at the beginning.

But subconsciously he got into her thoughts and appeared in her daydreams.

He called for her, she saw him indistinctly in front of her.

In the city he still sneaked past her.

She felt something.

When they agreed in a dream one day to meet in clear consciousness in the city, it should turn out whether he was insane, or could actually go into their daily consciousness through their imagination,

she remembered his shy looks from afar ...

That is part of the story "Nachtagrd" (here on dA in German).

It's a dystopian setting, a constant fog in Nachtgard.

Riev DReaming through the city of past

Here you see Riev in his form as a cosmic "superhero".

Of course, I don't like standardized conventions, but I couldn't resist wearing tight clothing when I took him out of his original setting and gave him a form as a champion of the High Order in Neverending, he experiences existential dramas with tension and fantasy


I haven't written another story with Riev, but I keep an archive, as I often tell, with a lot of my ideas.

Between Antiquity and far Utopia

A young princess wanders through the dream ocean.

Night of the Space, when Stars made of Tears

This is an older character from the past - Frederic - I named him after me (I know: not cool)

Through ancient technologies, he enters a network that includes the spirit of an entire world. To this time he is in Tyscoon..

Frederic  Heart of the Network

He´ve reached the spirit of the world Tyscoon. Now he is searching the core of Tyscoon. It´s mind is infested with a parasite. Frederic does his best to destroy the cosmic, highly intelligent enemy. But this will be a fateful battle.

Frederic is flowing in Spirit

Jugglers, illusionists and miraculous heroes are at the core of many of my stories, waiting to be realized

Wonder freaky Larino

I used to have a lot of fun with happy characters with amusing looks