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one fine day with a woof and a purr
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By Buuya   |   Watch
Published: February 18, 2012
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Hey! It's Nostalgia Week! It's also... WTF Friday. So, some good ol' Nostalgia WTF?

Catdog. What... what the fuck was that show? Just.. huh?

If the villain from The Human Centipede went on a tequila bender and decided to design a digimon, I don't think the result would be as weird as this. Forgive my crassness, but I wondered this as a kid and I still wonder it now- how did catdog poop?

However, there are the more fundamental questions regarding Catdog: WHY? HOW? HUH? Etcetera. :slow:

Admittedly, this was never my favourite cartoon. It was fun, but kind of lacked that comedic cleverness and satire that made Rocko's Modern Life and Spongebob Squarepants really work. Then again, I watched it at that awkward stage in one's life when you're between cartoons being simple cartoonish fun and nostalgic/"ironic"/who-the-fuck-am-I-kidding-cartoons-are- awesome-and-I-accept-that-now fun.

Maybe it's actually good? I like the batshit insanery of the concept. It's not that I disliked it, just... not as fond a memory, lol. Those greaser dogs were choice, though.

That theme song will get stuck in your head, though. FFFFFF.
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KingGigabyteProfessional General Artist
I think about all those questions a lot to be honest.
Pentacoil's avatar
PentacoilHobbyist Traditional Artist
I take my hat of for you missTip My Hat emoticon 
Reillyington86's avatar
Reillyington86Hobbyist General Artist
This cartoon used to creep me out as a kid and I couldn't watch it! Great art piece though.
Neurovore's avatar
Looking at the intro sequence, dog licks himself then Catdog coughs up a I am sure that whenever Cat or Dog eats something, the other one has to cough out a turd.

Life must suck when you have to taste shit as its coming out of your mouth. I do not know why Catdog did not opt to have themselves separated where Cat was looking to get a butt.
SketchTheBook's avatar
SketchTheBookHobbyist General Artist
Great work! I really love this!Elsa Clapping 
luxraypokemon13's avatar
luxraypokemon13Professional Artist
brings back good time :3 
pytko3's avatar
Catdog should not be.
euamodeus's avatar
euamodeusStudent General Artist
That's simply awesome.
moon-lol-haha's avatar
hehe thats cool and disturbing!
SilverShadowStalker's avatar
Cat eats, and Dog vomits it up as rainbows. That is the conclusion I came up with.
Dumbass-McGee's avatar
Dumbass-McGeeHobbyist General Artist
This isn't ASDF movies.
Dumbass-McGee's avatar
Dumbass-McGeeHobbyist General Artist
Then Winslow would be a stegosaurus. "I AM A STEGOSAURUS"
VanillaBark's avatar
VanillaBarkStudent Digital Artist
I read that in his voice.
big--dave's avatar
big--daveProfessional Digital Artist
hahaaha nice :-)
Meow4me420's avatar
Loved cat, and Winslow.

ALWAYS watched this cartoon, waaay back around 1997 was it's peak.
That was also around the time of the late night disney shows, Zorro, Kablam, and rugrats.
This atleast stood the test of time with Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.. Who effing teamed up I now realize >.> No wonder catdog failed first.

Anyways, spoooky picture, I love it!
Vashtastic's avatar
Vashtastic Digital Artist
i think i would have liked the show better if they had looked like this
ZipZap1313's avatar
ZipZap1313Hobbyist Writer
Awsome pic :D
Shadow-Sin's avatar
It was an okay cartoon, but I never ended up in the "ironic" state. I always just loved cartoons. So I can say for certain I always thought the cartoon was just meh. Nice picture, though I feel like I should be more creeped out by it. And apparently spell check doesn't believe creeped is a word. Who knew.
Anomalies13's avatar
Anomalies13Professional General Artist
I'm pretty sure I saw a few episodes where when Dog swallowed one tihng, Cat threw it up. :XD:
inc0rporeal's avatar
inc0rporealHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh WOW!!! Great job!
XxJerra-chanxX's avatar
XxJerra-chanxXHobbyist Digital Artist
o[]o SO EPIC!!! Even though these two are my favorite Nickelodeon characters, lol. ^//////^
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