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Here Kitty Kitty

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Isn't Gatomon so cuuuute? :love: Kitties just love the play, don't they?

When I was eleven, watching Digimon, I seem to recall wanting something like this to happen very badly; Demidevimon annoyed the hell out of me. Now that I'm all grown up and mature... oh shit, my sentiments are pretty much the same (and I can properly illustrate them now ;) )

I was looking the '100 Picture Challenge', and when I saw 'cat', THIS was the first image that came to my head. I need sleep... or serious help. One or the other. Possibly and probably both.

I don't think digimon bleed... but you all know you WANT to see them bleed. Especially this one :lol:

> Photoshop 7.0 + tablet
> 150 dpi
100 Picture challeng theme: "cat" --> [link]
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like... special halloween of digimon?
cool where ur head going in ideas
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I love DemiDevimon...
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BlueBird236Student Traditional Artist
I don't get why everyone hates poor DemiDevimon.... :cry:
I feel bad for him
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awww, (scratches Gatomon behind the ear)
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MiniDragonflyHobbyist General Artist
I feel bad for demidevimon:ohnoes:
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Cuteveemon219Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awsome man!
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may i ask how any 1 can see thish azz cute and not sick evill and wrong ... and im not just saying that cuzz hez my fav Digimon .[link] ......its just how sick and demented some 1 must be 2 see a bloody tourcherous killing azz " Aw its adorable" ...... :( this pic left me w a sick feeling and its not cuzza wut it is its cuzz it seems cute 2 some people other then that i must say u have a lota art skills :3
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... poor demidevimon... one of the most hated digimon... maybe that's the reason he's my favorite.

Great work on the pic though! your artistry is great.

(poor, poor demi...)
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Buuya Digital Artist
He's a cutie :D

Thanks :)
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psychogizmoHobbyist Photographer
I totally just remembered how much I love Gatomon.
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Buuya Digital Artist
oh, she's the queen bitch. I love her :D
Shelia-sama's avatar
Hahahaha >:D I fucking hated that :censored:
back then...XD Nice pic.
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Tastes like chicken. :D
Nice work on teh digimons. :aww: I liked Gatomon, but I didn't like her Angewomon form.
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MischievousPookaProfessional General Artist
Nice pose. Amusing pic. I always liked digimon. And Demidevimon to any cat would look tasty.
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Foxy-Konou Writer
Aw its adorable.
Rebekkah-Nichole's avatar
Oh goodness.
Though Demidevimon is one of my favorites, I couldnt help but laugh at this.
Gatomon's expression is just priceless- Kind of like an innocent "Im a cat, this is what I do" look, and her pose is superb!
And Demidevimon back there... oh wow. Haha. Good work on the bone and blood!
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Buuya Digital Artist
Hehe, thank you ;)

Cats are cats are cats, even digital ones I guess :D
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Mouse-and-BlackGatoHobbyist Digital Artist
wok!!! x_x
Gatomon is... is...!!!! Cute :3
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Oo hahahha she got DemiDevi a good one! Great pic :)
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Suni-moonHobbyist General Artist
Oh meh gawd. xDDD

I remember hating him too....but he was so frickin' cute. X.x
*hugs demidevimon until his head/body explodes*
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Vashtastic Digital Artist
sooooooooo cute yet so terrible, yet so cute!
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Buuya Digital Artist
Haha, thanks :D
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