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A is for Anton Chigurh.

Anton, portrayed by the talldarknhandsome Javier Bardem, is the 'ultimate badass' of No Country for Old Men. The Coen brothers made a gritty, hothotbeatingheat of a contemporary western, and good ol' Anton got a lot of attention (and an Oscar for Bardem!) Not bad for a criminal with a cattle gun and Dora the Explorer haircut.

Call it.

Keep on this guy's good side. Er, well, just keep out of his way in general. :)

NEXT: B is for BATES [link]
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mavadohelghanmaul's avatar
This guy is such a baddass 
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TTulppa|Hobbyist General Artist
Just saw the movie and loved it! The haircut is a must for him! By just killing with a gun he still managed to be one of the creepiest murderer i've seen...
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Malkmusian's avatar
Malkmusian|Student Writer
Why don't you drop an atom bomb on him?

Oh, wait - Anton would walk out of it alive. Knowing him, he's probably impervious to everything - save for random happenstance.
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Reckless-Royalty's avatar
Reckless-Royalty|Student Artisan Crafter
I felt the same way about the haircut, but after watching him strangle an officer to death with his handcuffs all I could say was, @_@ "Your hair looks great! Like a Beetles knockoff? I never said that! It's totally you!"
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Buuya's avatar
Buuya| Digital Artist
Ahahaha YES
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Ciameth's avatar
Ciameth|Hobbyist General Artist
Damn, I wish this had been continued. Did you get past B? Anyways, epic awesomeness.
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Thunderstarwarp's avatar
Hm...I've seen the movie, and while it's not a horror film, I have to say this guy intimidates more than most horror movie killers.
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LadyEINSTEIN's avatar
god, i loved this movie. you portrayed him extremely well, especially with those creepy eyes of his xD
i love the colors, and the facial structure is amazing.
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Calick's avatar
Calick|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dora the Explorer haircut...Just...ROFL xDDDDDDDDD
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opheylovesbicycles's avatar
Ha ha ha, yes....

I'm featuring this in my journal, just because.
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Charlemaine's avatar
OMG. have i seen this or commented before? dun think so. how on earth could i miss this piece of fantasticness?? the mood, the stark shading & his eyes r just awesome!

"Dora the Explorer haircut" .... LMAO
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Fuss-Budget's avatar
Creepy Anton is creepy. :D

Gotta love his bowler cut though, lol.
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lol how creative
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CrazySwedishGirl's avatar
The creeepiest of movie bad guys this decade! :o Love the phsycho colors. :D
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joegogo's avatar
joegogo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good god yes!

heheh, I like it a lot. =D
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Nyctograph's avatar
*stares into eyes* 0.0

BOOK IT MAN!!!! *runs off*

((that ultimately means "awesome"))
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cool-slayer's avatar
cool-slayer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
such deliciously vibrant colors.
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Emmery's avatar
Emmery|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaah I love this crazy bastard! :lol:
Good job making him as creepy as possible. I'm amazed at your use of color too. :love:
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dissogeny's avatar
would you step out of the car please, sir
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InfinitiesEnd's avatar
God, I love this character and story. Both the movie and book are complete masterpieces. :nod:

And this painting is just awesome. I love it! :+fav:!
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psychogizmo's avatar
psychogizmo|Hobbyist Photographer
:O He's so scary.
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