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Space Marine Head

By buuteheweun
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Space Marine head :D (duh)

I'm thinking about doing a flash movie involving a Space Marine, so I started doing some drawings to get to know the character.
This is directly from all the pictures I found.
In order to animate a Space Marine, I'll simplify it though.

Anyway, when I completed the drawing, I figured I'd colour it in Photoshop and eventually it looked nice enough to end up here :)

Just yer basic pencil drawing, scanned it and chucked into Photoshop to colour it.
That's all folks :lol:

Hope you'll all enjoy it ^^
Even though it's just a head...with no background...

almost forgot, Warhammer 40k, Space Marines 'n all that belong to Games Workshop.
it's a company with a lot of cash which means expensive lawyers so i felt this should be said :lol:
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I dont agree with it 'just-being-a-head'! *eye-twitch* Just. just.. do more!! =P

Very very very good keep it up you improved buddy =P

(:clap: love you! :love:)
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thanks :D

and am certainly planning on more :lol:

there's gonna be a cartoon version, i might do an entire space marine in this style though if people would like that....

(oh and, i love you too!!! :love:)
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isn't it about what you like? :o
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it won't be about what I like when I get a job either :lol:
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these peeps are just other artists =P not your target group or your boss
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yeah but...well...erm...but...but...
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woot very nice!
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wow eej me like it dude me like it.especially the red eyes.they aint dark but the're not nice either(as in the eyes of a nice guy).

keep it up
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gotta love warhammer XD
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